Unique Gifts for Home Chefs

By Maria Rogerson

October 5, 2021Kitchenware

Buying a gift for someone we truly know, like a friend or a family member, can make this otherwise demanding task quite enjoyable and fulfilling, even for people who don’t really like shopping or buying gifts. There are many cool and convenient gift options out there, such as edible chocolate gifts, but if you want a gift that’s more meaningful you will need to think it through. 

However, knowing where to look, knowing what they love, their hobbies or professions, certainly makes everything easier.  So, if you have a chef in your life, or someone who is learning to be one or simply enjoys cooking at home, you have to up your gift-giving game. Here are some ideas.

A Unique Magnetic Knife Holder 

knife magnetic racks
source: knifedepot.shop

While sometimes you can pick on clues or learn what your loved one is missing, people who love cooking will obviously have most of the tools they need for their meals. So, you may be left wondering if buying something related to their passion, that they don’t have or that will surprise them is possible. Thankfully, the market is full of beautiful and inventive homeware dedicated to the kitchen, so you can easily find a unique gift. One such gift is a magnetic knife rack.

One of the reasons why this is a great option for a gift is that it may not be considered essential. Essential cookware can be a great gift, of course, but if the person you are getting the gift for is really passionate about the kitchen, there is a risk you’d give them something they already have. Another good thing about it is that if you have been in their kitchen (and if they are someone you are close to, we’ll assume that you have) if you haven’t seen one, they aren’t likely to have it. 

Moreover, if you buy a magnet knife rack for your loved one, you will not only be on-theme but will probably introduce them to a very cool and convenient product. More importantly, this useful gift also comes with a lot of benefits they might not know about. Namely, the most common way of keeping your knives contained in one place and looking cool on the benchtop, knife blocks may be harmful, because they dull the knives, and they get dirty and full of germs.

A magnet knife rack will also look cool and stylish in their kitchen, and it’s also more hygienic and better for the knives. And the knives they own are surely not cheap. Moreover, aside from being a great safe and space-saving storage for their knife, a knife bar magnet will allow for quick and easy access to their knives, which can make a huge difference in a chef’s life. 

Healthy and Sustainable Food Wraps 

reusables beeswax wraps
source: assets.epicurious.com

While you may be able to look into their kitchen, it is impossible to know everything your loved one owns. This is why it is not recommended that you buy food storage, utensils, or cookware, except if you are certain there is something they don’t have, but need. This is why you can go with something that is a sure bat, like food wraps. Even though it’s very likely that they have thought of that already, you can get something unique. And if it turns out that they already have it, a chef can never have too many food wrapping solutions, especially ones that are reusable, healthier and safer. 

One of your options is to buy a reusable beeswax food wrap. A beeswax wrap is a cotton cloth coated with beeswax, as the name suggests. They are very easy to use – when they take them in their hands, they get warmed up by their natural body heat, which melts the beeswax ever-so-slightly, but enough to make the wrap mouldable. In other words, these wraps can be easily wrapped around vessels and storage containers in any shape, around food in different shapes, even dishes and foods that are shaped oddly, and so on.

It goes without saying that this convenient, natural reusable beeswax food wrap is also very eco-friendly. The mere fact that they will reduce the use of one-use plastic means that it will help your loved ones reduce their waste. Moreover, when you are buying bee products you are supporting beekeepers, which are very important for the environment, right now, with the bee population being in such big danger. 

Beeswax food wraps also keep food fresh longer, which is beneficial not only for chefs but also for anyone who will eat the food prepared by them. They are breathable, and as a result, they can keep food fresh longer than plastic wraps, which can accelerate mould growth. They are also cost-effective, because with proper care they can last long, and they can also be recoated with beeswax. 

Fun and Unique Oven Mitts and Aprons 

oven mitts
source: pinterest.com

Other products that the chef in your life certainly has, but can never have too much of, oven mitts and aprons, also make for great gifts. Not only are they necessary and convenient, but they also make a difference between people who have to cook and those who simply love doing it. But most importantly, these products can be very fun and unique. You can get an apron or a pair of mitts that feature something that will remind your loved one of an inside joke, you can have them personalised, and so on.