Vinyl: The Best Flooring Solution for Different Types of Institutions

By Maria Rogerson

October 21, 2021Flooring

commercial vinyl plank flooring

Looking for durable commercial flooring? Vinyl can be just the right option for you! Made from a combination of natural and synthetic polymer materials this sturdy floor can be found everywhere from schools to hospitals and churches. And it’s rapidly being applied in more and more settings due to design and material innovations. 

Versatile and durable, vinyl is a good flooring material to consider for almost every commercial application. It has the ability to withstand water, sunlight and heavy use, and some options even come pre-treated for cleaning and infection control. Plus, the emergence of digital graphic layers provides nearly limitless design flexibility.

In the majority of applications, commercial vinyl plank flooring is what it’s typically recommended. It gives you hundreds of options in design, style and colour while offering superior comfort and a durable long-lasting finish that will make your new interior spaces a joy to work in. Modern vinyl plank flooring is made to stand up to the heavy traffic associated with a commercial business while also providing superior protection against scratches and stains. Let’s take a look at the most common types of vinyl flooring used in different types of institutions. 


commercial vinyl plank flooring for schools

When it comes to school flooring, aesthetic matters more than many realize. Students should feel comfortable without zoning out and should be able to focus without being distracted. The floors also need to be safe and slip-resistant. Considering that the students’ shoes bring in grit, chairs are pushed and desks rearranged, durability is also a major concern. 

Commercial Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) are two types of vinyl flooring you might want to consider for your school. Commercial Luxury Vinyl Tile is a type of vinyl flooring that is designed in a title shape while the commercial vinyl plank flooring on the market is designed in planks to resemble traditional hardwood floor planks. 

These floorings use a photographic layer, so they can feature any pattern you like and even stimulate the look of other materials, such as wood, stone, etc. On top of the photographic layer goes a very durable wear layer to ensure the floor will withstand all the wear and tear it will face and will last long. Maintenance is much easier with these floors and there’s no need for constant wax applications. 


commercial vinyl plank flooring for hospitals

From durability to accessibility, cleanliness and promoting a healing environment, hospitals face a number of daily demands. The flooring is no exception, and it’s an essential part of creating a quality care setting. Due to its hardwearing, ease of cleaning, water-resistant and ease of installing nature, vinyl is often is the product of choice for both in the traditional and modular construction healthcare sector

Different flooring performances and qualities will be required for different operational areas. Entrances and corridors undergo the heaviest foot traffic and rolling loads, such as equipment carts and wheelchairs. To reduce disruptions, flooring in these areas must be highly durable and easy to maintain. Rubber and  LVT are two popular hospital flooring options that meet all these performance requirements. Both types are easy to install as they can come with pre-applied adhesive on the backings, and both can come with protective coatings that resist scratches and scuffs, reducing maintenance and disruptions. Plus, both come in a variety of textures, colours and patterns. 

Emergency and operating rooms must meet the most strict infection control requirements while remaining usable 24/7. Smooth and low-texture flooring is required for these environments to prevent dirty and fluids from slipping beneath the surface of the floor. Sheet vinyl and linoleum flooring are excellent options for these areas because they enable the use of heat welding during the installation process, making it possible to create a truly aseptic environment. Another great thing about these floors is their low emissions of volatile organic compounds, which promote better indoor quality. 


commercial vinyl plank flooring for churches

Whether it is the construction of a new church or renovating of an existing synagogue, designing a religious institution requires a poignant and delicate approach – one that pays attention to the authenticity and history of the space but also considers the activities that will take place within the space. Luxurious Vinyl Tiles (LVT) has become a popular option for church flooring. In addition to possessing durability characteristics unlike other flooring products, LVT is also second to none in terms of design versatility. It’s also competitively priced when compared to other flooring choices. 

Due to all the services that take place on a daily and weekly basis, religious institutions today must feature flooring that is easy to clean and maintain. LVT is easier to maintain than other flooring products like carpet. When it comes to design, LVT allows you to achieve an old-world look and feel found in most historic and classic churches, replicating the look of stone or marble. 

The acoustical value of a religious institution is also an important consideration when selecting the right flooring. Unlike other interiors and commercial spaces, the projection of sound – whether it’s from choirs, speakers or instruments, is also an integral part of the religious practice. Carpets are known to absorb too much sound, muffling the overall quality. LVT, therefore, is an ideal alternative.