What Do You Need to Set Up Your Home Recording Studio

By Steve George

August 11, 2021Electronics

Technology has been constantly advancing, and nowadays recording equipment is available to most of us. Thanks to this, anyone can have their own recording studio and record at home. If you are a musician or a music producer, and if recording music is your passion, there are easy ways to have your own home recording studio to help you pursue a music career. 

Building a good recording studio isn’t an easy or a cheap task. It will take money, time, patience, and quite a lot of effort. However, all of that will pay off in the long run, because the better you create your setup and space from the get-go, the less you will have to do in the future to maintain it. 

Get the Best Quality Audio Equipment You Can 

quality audio home equipment
source: blog.bandlab.com

Before anything else, to start your own home studio, you need to buy professional audio gear. Before buying your recording equipment, first, you need to determine what exactly you need. For this, you should think about how you will use your studio and what you will be recording.

It is obvious how investing in pro audio equipment will affect your future projects, because the better the equipment you are using for recording, the higher the quality of the production. This is why, if your budget can’t handle buying everything you think you will need at once, you should start with the basics and buy only the essentials. In other words, purchase fewer pieces of audio equipment, rather than buying many cheaper ones. The fact is, it’s better to build your home recording studio slowly, than end up with something that will require you to constantly upgrade.

Different recording studios may use different types of equipment. And you will choose the equipment according to your needs. Regardless of how big or small a studio is, it needs a set of pro audio gear, which may include microphones, headphones, monitor speakers, computers, suitable computer programs and applications, audio interface, etc.

Recording in a home studio can be tricky, not only because it may be a nuisance for your housemates or your neighbours, but also because the outside noises may affect your production. This is yet another reason why you need to invest in professional audio equipment.

Convert Your Garden Shed into a Home Studio 

home recording studio equipment
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There are many spots in your home that you can use for a studio. But while you can choose any room, such as your bedroom or a spare room in your house, most will find that it’s better if they can separate it from their house. And believe it or not, one of the things you can use for this is your garden shed. 

Garden sheds are extremely versatile, and there are many ways you can get one. They can be very small, offering a little bit of storage space, and they can be quite large, offering additional space for your home, where you can do many different things. Basically, there are many reasons why people invest in quality large garden sheds for their homes, and what better reason there can be than creating a beautiful, functional home recording studio?

As a room separated from your house, a shed offers you a great opportunity for a recording studio – at home, but not inside your home. This is great for the other people living with you, and it can even be more considerate to your neighbours. Of course, if you choose to use a shed this way, it would have to be large enough to hold all of your gear and to allow for some movement, for instruments, etc. 

To convert your shed into a studio, you will need to install lighting, and you can also invest in additional features, such as roof sheets and shed windows, for natural illumination. One of the most important steps is, of course, soundproofing. Just like with the equipment, go for the best quality insulation materials possible, so that you can be sure that you aren’t bothering anyone, and you’re your microphones don’t pick up too much outside noise. Lastly, add as many storage units as you need for your equipment and bring it in.

Invest in a High-Quality Garden Shed 

quality home recording studio equipment
source: openmicuk.co.uk

The simplest and best way to make sure that the garden shed will be able to protect your professional audio gear from the weather, while also keeping it secure, is to buy a large prefabricated garden shed. Because of Australia’s harsh weather, shed manufacturers have to put their products through a series of tests to get the needed certificates proving that they can endure the weather conditions. This will give you the peace of mind that your audio equipment will always be safe and sound. 

Note: If investing in a large enough garden shed is out of the question, another great place to build a home recording studio is the garage. Declutter your garage, throw away everything you don’t need, and start designing your home studio.