Up Close and Personal Tips on TV Units

Year: 1991. Location: The electronic department store. People present: Me and my dad alone.

This is the day I got my first, ultra-fun and awesome console, along with the Super Nintendo I so longed for! Since that day, I might have bought a roomful of those and stared stashing them all together on my TV unit stand. The collection grew so large, that through the years I had to buy several additional TV units along the way. Sad but true, those days are through! Being engaged and such, my living room had to be freed from my geeky stuff. Not to worry, this is just me being nostalgic about the good old times, they are just getting transferred to my man cave (at last!).

TV Units

Now let us get back to the matter in hand, describing my personal experience regarding the best TV units money can buy and here they are:

  • Hutches are basically TV units encased with drawers, cabinets for your books and doors to keep them private. It is the perfect choice if you want to draw the attention towards the TV as the main focus of the room.
  • Consoles and Credenzas are short and wide and are generally used as storage space. People commonly use them to store household items like pillows, napkins and other items needed in the living room.
  • Platform TV Units are plain simple, made with metal legs and glass holder, equipped with shelves without any other accessories in the front or the back.
  • Wood stands are the most popular choice if your living room has a more vintage look. Generally, they are made from maple, oak, teak, ebony wood, being durable and pleasing to the eye. Handcrafted wood designs are usually more expensive than the other types of TV units, but I have made them my personal choice, because it pays off t to have such beauty and elegance in your home.

TV Units-2

Once you have chosen the style to go with, it is time to see whether it will suit the surroundings of your home. The size of your room will determine the size on the TV stand. These days, depth is not an issue because every television out there is flat and can be fitted perfectly. In case you want to use your old CRT TV, you should make it a priority factor when making your decision.

Another thing to keep in mind is your TV stand’s height. To achieve the perfect sight-line, you should position the TV on the same level as your sitting height. The number of shelves depends on how many items you plan to store. When I bought my stand I only needed 3 shelves – one for my blue ray player, one for my speakers and one for my internet and TV receivers.

Whichever TV unit you choose, on thing is for sure – they are a great addition to any living room, serving several purposes at the same time and looking simply sublime!