3 Tips To Follow When Considering Warehouse Shelving

By Steve George

April 14, 2015Industrial Equipment Shelving Systems

Smooth workflow (minimal downtime, no work-related injuries, no employee waste time, etc.) is of utmost importance for any warehouse. And the best solution for ensuring optimal warehouse productivity are industrial shelving systems. But, warehouse shelving systems as simple as they are to install, require proper planning beforehand. Therefore, whether you are considering installing a shelving system to increase the storage capacity in your warehouse or replacing your existing shelving system, you need to make a good plan by considering few key factors.


  1. Storage Height Capacity

    When researching warehouse shelving online, you’ll easy and quickly compare different shelving systems at the same time. No matter what type of shelving you plan on buying, one thing is certain: you must make sure the shelving you choose will help you get the most out of your warehouse space. For this reason you ought to choose warehouse shelving system with design that will best match the storage height capacity in your warehouse. By considering the storage height capacity, you will be able to determine the type of solution you need regardless if you buy shelving online or offline. Thus, you can go with vertical bulk storage shelving systems, pallet racking or other type you find most suitable for your warehouse and type of business.

  2. Storage Density

    Storage density is one of the crucial segments that you need to determine and take into account when considering warehouse shelving systems. Namely, you need to be aware of the storage density to which you plan to stock the items onto the shelving system. You can define this segment by considering the volume of the products you need to store. More specifically, the volume of the products is defined by their weight, size and type. Knowing the volume of the goods to be stored will enable you to define the storage density and with that to ensure their safety and maximize the utilization of the space available in your warehouse.

  3. People and Forklift Maneuverability

    Ease of maneuverability in your warehouse is extremely important for the efficiency and productivity. Before you make the decision regarding which shelving system to select, you must make sure that the design and size specifications of the shelving online retailers or brick and mortar stores provide will provide enough room for safe moving of your employees and forklifts inside the warehouse. This is how you will reduce the time and effort needed for picking goods and with that increase the efficiency and productivity during the applications.