5 Must-Have Nail Technician Supplies For Your Salon

By Maria Rogerson

August 3, 2023Health & Beauty

So, you’ve landed a position in a nail salon, and maybe you’re even considering renting your own salon space or opening your own establishment where you can recruit your own team of nail techs – how exciting! And what a great way to channel your creativity while making a good living. However, your next most important step is to think about things like furniture, equipment, and supplies that will suit your customers’ needs best. In order to help you achieve your dreams and goals, the following are some of the most fundamental nail supplies and equipment for a beauty salon.

1. Workstation

pink workstation of nails technician
source: blog.nailcareer.com

Let’s get the most important stuff out of the way first (and the items that will create the best impression on your customers). Nail salons need the correct furnishings as much as they need talented nail artists and an extensive supply of nail art materials. After all, it will be the first impression made on potential buyers.

The chairs and desk at the nail tech’s station should be cosy for both the customer and the tech. Find manicure stations that provide you with enough area to work on nails comfortably without taking up too much room in your salon. You should think about whether you want your nail table to be lightweight and portable or stationary.

2. Buffers, Files, and Clippers

woman painting her own nails
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Keep in mind that you’ll need to manage both natural nails and synthetic ones, such as acrylic or hard gel extensions. Taking care of natural nails may be just as difficult (if not more so) as putting fake nails or gel nail paint. If your salon attracts environmentally sensitive customers, you may want to stock up on formaldehyde- and cruelty-free manicure and pedicure products.

You might want to consider purchasing nails supplies Australia wide where you can find manicure tools of the highest calibre are an absolute must for every self-respecting nail artist. Files, buffers, and cuts are all tools that should be in one’s arsenal. Disposable files and buffers are required by law in certain places due to health concerns, and this is preferred by the vast majority of clients. Some clients even prefer to bring in their own devices. If you want to use clippers, scissors, or files on several customers, you must have the appropriate sterilisation equipment, such as an autoclave, to meet local and federal health regulations.

3. Bowls and Brushes

nail technician doing nails at the client
source: marketbusinessnews.com

Brushes for gel polish are different from those for acrylic polish in that they are often thinner and flatter. It would help if you also had a nail polish that doesn’t peel easily brush for removing dust and dirt from your nails after polishing. Manicure and pedicure cleaning brushes with plastic handles and bristles are also necessary for cleansing nails before treatment.

Also, be sure to have bowls on hand for softening a client’s nails before treatment, as well as bowls specifically for soaking nails in polish remover.

4. Electric Equipment for Nail Salons

nail technician doing nails with nail drill
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Next, don’t forget to place an order with nails supplies Australia distributors for the electric equipment each nail technician at your salon will need to provide the highest quality service. Of all the electoral equipment for nail care on the market today, you should at least consider:

  • A nail drill
  • Nail drill bits (carry extras of each variety; it’s important to have access to the proper bit for the work at hand at all times)
  • LED Nail Light
  • Gel polish curing under UV light
  • A nail file with an electric motor
  • An electric nail heater
  • UV steriliser box to store instruments in
  • A place for cleaning salon towels and other items

5. Sanitation and Cleanliness

A trained nail technician will know the difference between using a sanitiser and a disinfectant. Sanitisers simply destroy bacteria, but disinfectants may get rid of viruses as well. Both are commonplace in beauty parlours; sanitisers are used more often on the furniture, while disinfectants are reserved for the instruments. ensure everything you use is legal on a federal, state, and local level and meets safety and health standards.