A Guide to Finding the Right Pet Collar for Your Dog

By Maria Rogerson

October 25, 2023Pets

As you welcome a furry friend into your life, one of the earliest decisions you’ll make is choosing the perfect dog collar – a seemingly simple accessory that carries a huge significance. Beyond its role in attaching a leash or displaying an ID tag, this accessory becomes a symbol of companionship and a tool for safety. 

If you want to make your canine companion look effortlessly cool, check out these colourful pet collars! From vibrant patterns that scream ‘playful pup’ to classic designs that exude elegance, there’s a design for every mood and every outing. They’re made from strong and durable materials that handle even the most spirited walks, all the while ensuring your pup stays comfortable. Read on and learn how to make an informed purchase that will have your dog strutting with pride and confidence. 

colorful dog collars
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So, does collar size matter? Just like finding the right pair of shoes, finding a dog collar in Canada that fits your pup just right is essential for their comfort and safety. Imagine wearing a necklace that’s too tight – it’s uncomfortable, right? The same goes for your pup. Accessories that are too snug can cause irritation or even chafing. On the flip side, those that are too loose might slip off during your pup’s enthusiastic adventures. 

So, here’s the scoop: when you’re looking for dog collars for sale, you need to measure your furry buddy’s neck. Don’t eyeball it – grab a soft tape measure and gently wrap it around their neck. You want it snug but not tight – you should be able to fit two fingers comfortably between their neckband and their neck. Most designs come with an adjustable range, kind of like those belts with different holes. This lets you find the paw-fect fit, even if your pup’s neck changes size a bit – whether they’re working out or enjoying a few too many treats. 


Just like how we all have different preferences in clothes, dogs have their own neckband preferences too. There are many different types of pet collars – flat, martingales, harnesses, and more. The type you choose depends on your pup’s behaviour, size, and even their breed. So, think about your dog’s personality, habits, and any training you’re working on. A rambunctious pup will do well with a harness, while a well-mannered walker should be perfectly happy with a flat collar. And hey, if you’re unsure, you can always ask your vet or a dog trainer for advice. 

types of dog collars
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Think about it, your pup’s choker is like their fashion statement. Just like how you choose your clothes to express yourself, this accessory can say a lot about your pup. Are they playful and fun? Maybe a colourful and patterned design suits them best. Or are they more on the sophisticated side? A classy leather collar could be just the thing. This also depends on your own style. After all, you’re the one who’s going to see that item day in and day out. So, finding a choker that you like looking at is important too. Some dog collars even have customisable options. You can add their name, your contact info, or even a fun tagline that suits their personality. 

Water Resistance

Whether it starts pouring rain or your pup spots a puddle and decides to take a dip, you don’t want their dog collar getting all soggy and uncomfortable. A water-resistant design is a little superhero accessory for your pup. It means it can handle a bit of water without turning into a wet mess. It’s not just about rain – if your dog loves to splash around in puddles, go for swims, or just be a little messy in general, this accessory is a game-changer. It comes in materials that dry quickly. So, even if your pup does get a bit wet, the choker won’t stay damp for long. 


Look for a choker that fits your pup just right and consists of comfortable materials. The last thing you want is a choker made from scratchy or rough stuff that could cause irritation. Look for designs made from soft materials like nylon, leather, or neoprene. These materials are not only comfortable but also durable, so your pup can wear their collar without any fuss. 

comfortable dog collar
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Ever heard of padded collars? These are like little cushions for your dog’s neck. They can be a great option if your pup has sensitive skin or if you’re looking for some extra comfort, especially if they tend to pull on the leash during walks. And speaking of walks, consider how the choker fastens. Some dogs prefer buckle closures, while others are more comfortable with quick-release clips. It’s all about finding what works best for your pup’s comfort level. 


If your pup decides to go on a little adventure of their own and accidentally ends up far from home, having a collar with proper identification makes it way easier for a kind stranger to help bring them back to you. These ID tags often include your pup’s name, your phone number, and sometimes even your address. That way, if someone finds your pup wandering around the neighbourhood, they can quickly get in touch with you and help reunite you with your furry pal. So, having identification on their collar can put your mind at ease when your pup is out and about, whether it’s during walks, trips to the park, or even just hanging out in the backyard.