A Home Away from Home: Our Tips for Selecting the Right Camping Tent

By Maria Rogerson

April 5, 2019Camping

Considering how Australia has a pleasant climate and is home to some of the world’s most beautiful outdoor scenery, it’s no wonder that Aussies love camping. But we also love the comfort of our homes, right? And the outdoors can often be rough, cold and wet. However, with the right tent you can stay warm and dry, and enjoy everything nature has to offer. The following tips can help you pick an outdoor home that meets all your essential needs.


Choose the Right Capacity for Your Needs

Are you planning to go camping by yourself, with a partner, a group of friends or perhaps your whole family? Whatever the case is, choose a tent that is able to fit everyone. The camping tents Australia outdoor stores sell range from 1 person tents to 10 person tents, which means there’s an option for everyone. However, keep in mind that the tent should also fit your gear. So, a great tip is to pick a tent with a capacity of 1 extra person in order to have enough room to make yourselves comfortable. In other words, if you’re a 4-person family, a 5-person tent is a more convenient choice.

Consider the Weather Conditions

Are you planning to use your tent only during the warmer months, or do you want to have the freedom to camp all year long? When it comes to choosing safe and reliable camping tents Australia outdoor enthusiasts recommend to ask yourself this important question. This is because different tents are designed to offer protection against different weather conditions. With that being said, you have 2-season tents which are designed for camping during the sunnier parts of the year. Then there are 3-season tents which can withstand heavy rain and winds, making them suitable for summer, late fall and early spring. And finally, you also have the option to choose a 4-season tent which is able to survive heavy snow, constant winds, and offers insulation and warmth to protect you in extremely low temperatures.

Look for Practical Features

If you want to be able to comfortably move around the tent and stand up to change clothes, then look for a tent with a tall peak. For more convenience, there are also cabin-style tents that have almost vertical walls and separate rooms for privacy. Some models even come with an awning to maximize your outdoor living space. Many tents also come with mesh panels attached to the door, windows or ceiling. This provides the tent with ventilation while still offering protection against mosquitoes and other annoying intruders. If you want to be able to hang a lantern for inside lighting, check whether the tent comes with a lantern loop. Similarly, some tents also feature interior pockets that help keep things off the ground and neatly organized.