Our Tips for Buying a Tactical Backpack

By Steve George

May 8, 2019Camping


Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast who frequently goes hunting, camping or hiking, or your job involves traveling to remote areas in Australia, a tactical (military) backpack can be one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you can own. It allows you to carry around a lot of items in a safe and well-organized manner. The tough construction of a tactical backpack makes it ideal for use in a variety of rugged environments and weather conditions.

And while differentiating between a tactical backpack and a regular one is relatively easy, even for the uninformed buyer, buying the best tactical model requires careful consideration so that you don’t end up with a product that’s smaller and less durable than what you need. That being said, there a couple of important factors to consider when shopping.


The capacity of tactical backpacks is measured in liters, and when shopping, you’ll come across backpacks of various sizes and thus, various capacities. Some backpacks are big enough to store supplies that can last you for about a week, while others can only store enough supplies for a short outdoor trip. Depending on your personal needs, your choice will vary. A decently sized backpack has the capacity of about 30L.


The design of the backpack refers to its comfort and colour. Although commonly known as military backpacks, not all tactical backpacks come as military-themed. There are plenty of models available in regular colours and unassuming designs. As far as comfort goes, the backpack you choose should be comfortable to wear even after extended time periods. If you’re shopping online, look at reviews of the product you intend to buy.


The features that tactical backpacks come with are specifically designed to add functionality and convenience. For instance, one of the most commonly found features of tactical backpacks is the PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System), which is basically a webbing system which allows you to attach a number of different items on the backpack, such as a knife, flashlight, rope, wireless speaker, carabiner, etc. Most backpacks that feature the PALS are compatible with the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) system.


One of the safest ways to ensure the backpack you buy is of high quality is to shop by brand name. Some of the best brands that manufacture tactical backpacks include 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk, Maxpedition, Condor and GoRuck.