Our Tips For Choosing The Right Summer Perfume

By Maria Rogerson

December 26, 2013Perfumes

Summer perfume

Summer perfume

Choosing a perfume is like choosing a partner – it is delicate and time consuming process finding the right one that suits you best. Since everyone has own taste, choosing the right perfume will depend on your personality and style. For every woman, looking good is smelling good, so choosing the right perfume is really important. Since it is Christmas, look for discount perfume Australia shops to save some money. Almost every retailer has a perfume sale, so why not take advantage of it. Also, follow our tips below in order to choose the right summer perfume for you.

Choose The Smell You Like

The first thing you need to do when selecting the right summer perfume, is to determine which smell appeals to you the most. You can either choose fresh, floral, fruity or mushy, woody and spicy notes, depending on your personal taste. Choose the one that will best highlight your personality. Browse every perfume online store for available scents and always read additional details provided on the site to know which perfume to get for day and which one for romantic evenings with your hubby.

Spray The Perfume On Certain Body Parts

Whether you choose to buy an expensive or cheap, casual, evening or a daytime perfume from your favorite perfume online store, make sure you try it on your body first. You can visit any perfume store in a mall nearby and spray the perfume on your pulls points (behind your ears, knees, on your elbow and wrists) to see if the scent compliments your natural body odor. What you should never do when trying a perfume, is to spray it on the wrist and rub it because rubbing breaks the molecules and changes perfume’s chemistry structure.

Use Bottle Testers

Another way to see if a perfume is right for you, is to take small bottle testers that you can use at home for few days. That way you will get to know the scent, see how long it lasts and if the scent is the same when in bottle and on your skin. This would be an ideal way to find the right summer fragrance since every perfume needs 30 minutes to wear down on your skin.

Seasonal Fragrance

Choose a perfume appropriate for the season. Go with citrus, fruity, oceanic and light floral notes for this summer and leave perfumes with strong notes for the winter. This Christmas look for discount perfume Australia online shops and pamper yourself with a perfume set. This holiday season is all about super perfume sale deals, thus browse every perfume online stores for trendy, sensual and luxurious fragrances at down-to-earth prices.