Essential Oils Subscription Box: Get the Goodies Delivered to Your Doorstep

By Maria Rogerson

September 7, 2021Health & Beauty

As essential oils are buzzing recently, everyone wants to be part of the trend. Essential oils are plants’ extracts that represent the fragrance or the ‘essence’ of the plant. This is why they have that aroma specific to the plant they’re extracted from. These oils are very potent and should be carefully used. You can reap the most benefits from essential oils through aromatherapy. There are several ways in which you can use oils, depending on your preferences.

Why Use Essential Oils?

Different oils are used for different purposes. Some people find it relaxing to have a nice, long bath at the end of the day with an essential oil that soothes the body and mind. One of the most popular oils for relaxation is lavender. Others want to use oils to keep them awake and alert during the day.


Essential oils can be used for massaging as well, which means they are applied topically onto the affected area, or you can use them in a diffuser and spread the scent through the entire room. This is a popular method before going to sleep because there are oils that promote a good night’s sleep and can help you and even your baby sleep through the night.

Because of the oils’ popularity and the different varieties they come in, many people decide to subscribe and get essential oils subscription boxes delivered to their home.

Essential Oil Subscription Boxes – What to Look For?

Nowadays, you can subscribe to anything. There are several advantages to subscriptions and why people want them so much:

They’re convenient – Especially for the things that you use frequently, it’s much easier to have them delivered to you than to go and get them yourself;

They’re diverse – This is the fun part of subscription boxes because you get something new and exciting every month. We like variety and it has that surprise element to it as well because we can’t wait to see what’s in the box;

We feel special – Sometimes we’re willing to pay more just to get some extra items and rewards and feel like we’re in the ‘inner circle’.


When it comes to essential oils, there are many subscriptions out there that you can try but you need to get all the info on the brand you’re subscribing to so you know what exactly you’re getting. You should find quality essential oils subscription boxes that offer nothing but the best products for your health and well-being.

There are many things that go into choosing the right subscription for you. The first thing you want to look for is quality. High-quality oils are effective and can actually help you compared to synthetic ones that only have the aroma of the plant but don’t contain any healing properties. The second thing is customisation. Some brands can offer you only one type of subscription while others can offer you to choose between two or three options.

If you like what the boxes contain, feel free to subscribe. But there are brands that also offer you to make your box and choose the products that go in. They can have a range of products that you could choose from and have the items that you like. The third thing is shipping. It could be monthly shipping or every two or three months. Every brand has a different policy so you need to choose something that aligns with your needs. If you tend to go through your essential oils quickly, a monthly delivery might be the most suitable option.

Many brands pay attention to how their essential oils and essential oils subscription boxes look. So, if you’re attracted by nicely put-together packaging, you should look for those kinds of subscriptions that’ll make you happy from the moment you see them.


You want to consider the price as well. Determine a budget and search for subscriptions that you can afford. Most of them are pretty affordable and offer a good deal of oils for the money. On this note, look at the additional items that companies send. There might be a surprise gift, recipes for making your own essential oil blend, or some discounts. Some brands include essential oil diffusers as well while others don’t but their oils require to be used only with the diffusers they produce. This means that you have to separately purchase a diffuser, too. Take into account all of these things before subscribing because some seemingly insignificant parts of the deal can be extremely important for the entire experience.

How to Choose Quality Essential Oils that Work?

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you’re getting the real deal or just a cheap imitation. Before subscribing to an essential oil subscription box, make sure you do some research on the oils you’re buying. There are several things that you can do when looking for essential oils:

Check the Latin name – High-quality oils have the Latin name listed. It’s the name of the plant they’re derived from and without it, it’s hard to know what’s in the bottle;


Smell it – Because there are many synthetic oils, which you should stay away from because they don’t have any beneficial properties, you should sniff the oil and try to see if there’s any smell of alcohol or anything else that doesn’t seem natural and plant-derived. Essential oils have a quite strong fragrance that smells pleasant;

Price – We all want a lower price but when it comes to essential oils, a higher price usually means quality. The reason for this is the amount of work it goes into producing just a bottle of oil. It’s a long process and many plants are needed for a small amount of oil;

Read reviews – Today, you can find everything online. Users’ reviews matter because people are talking about their experience with a specific brand so you should always consider that before getting an essential oils subscription box.