Essential Tips for Choosing Your First Electric Guitar

By Steve George

December 19, 2023Audio & Video

The act of selecting your first electric guitar is both scary and exciting, especially if you don’t know anything about these instruments. There’s a myriad of options out there, from sleek and shiny to vintage and road-worn, and not all of them are suitable for a novice. So, in this sonic guide, I’ll help you choose your perfect six-string companion and set you on a path to creating music that resonates with your soul.

Why is a Mustang Guitar Good for Beginners?

Electric guitar Mustang

If you’re looking to buy your first electric guitar Mustang is one of the best choices for a few reasons. The compact design of the body makes it comfortable to hold, so you don’t feel like you’re wrestling with a beast. The shorter scale length makes navigating the frets a breeze. Whether you’re forming your first chords or stretching for those elusive solos, this guitar’s neck is your friendly guide. It’s forgiving and allows you to enjoy playing rather than wrestle with a wide and uncomfortable fretboard.

The Mustang guitar becomes an extension of yourself, responding effortlessly to your every move. It encourages exploration and makes your initial steps feel like a smooth stroll rather than a marathon. Crank up the gain, and you’ll find yourself in the realm of gritty rock and punk. Roll back the volume on Mustang guitars, and the clean, jangly tones open a gateway to indie and alternative music. This is a versatile companion that evolves with your playing style.

The compact body, sleek neck, and distinctive offset waist design scream vintage cool. Unlike your run-of-the-mill electric guitar Mustang is an icon loved by generations of musicians, from indie rockers to punk pioneers. Its single-coil pickups deliver a punchy, bright sound that’s perfect for cutting through the mix. Whether you’re unleashing gritty power chords or weaving intricate melodies, the sonic palette is as diverse as your imagination.

So, for all the beginners out there, getting lost in the lengthy aisles of electric guitars Mustang is a fantastic choice. The innovative compact design feels much more comfortable to hold than the classic Strat, while the shorter scale length makes it easier to play. This beginner-friendly instrument is the musical mentor that welcomes you into the vast universe of guitar playing. Get ready to strum, play, and enjoy the ride of music exploration!

Consider Your Playing Style

It’s not just about looks or brand names, but how the instrument feels when it’s in your hands, responding to your unique musical vibe. This is a bit like choosing the perfect craft beer – it’s all about flavour, style, and what resonates with your unique taste. Are you dreaming of bluesy bends and soulful solos, or is the roar of rock riffs more your jam? Maybe you’re drawn to the intricate fingerpicking of folk or the crisp clean tones of jazz. Your playing style makes your music uniquely yours, and your instrument should complement that identity.

If you’re into the bluesy realms, you might fancy a guitar with single-coil pickups. They capture the nuances of your playing, delivering those expressive bends and dynamic tones that make blues come alive. On the flip side, if you’re diving into the world of heavier rock, humbuckers might be your go-to. They bring the power, packing a punch with distorted tones perfect for those electrifying riffs.

Test Different Models

Fender mustang guitar

Testing out different models helps you discover the one that vibes with your musical soul. Sure, you can read all the reviews and watch countless YouTube videos, but there’s nothing like the live performance of holding that instrument in your hands. Head to your local music store and pick up that sleek Mustang guitar or that gnarly Les Paul and feel the weight of it. Does it sit comfortably against you, or does it feel like you’re wrestling with a musical octopus? You want an instrument that feels like an extension of yourself, not a cumbersome accessory. The neck should be slim and speedy, allowing your fingers to dance effortlessly across the frets. Your hands are the performers, and the neck is their stage. Make sure it’s a stage they’re comfortable on.

Think About Future Upgrades

Consider the pickups, those little magnets under the strings that translate your guitar’s vibrations into an electrifying sound. They come in various flavours, each imparting a unique character to your tone. While your beginner guitar might come with decent pickups, think about whether you can easily upgrade them later. Upgrading pickups gives your six-string companion a sonic makeover and lets you explore different genres and tones as your playing evolves.

Another aspect to think about is the hardware. The bridge, tuners, and nut may seem like small details, but they play a big role in your instrument’s playability and tuning stability. A good quality bridge can enhance sustain, while smooth tuners make tuning a breeze. Look for models with sturdy hardware, but also ones where you can easily swap out components in the future.

Understand Guitar Tone Woods

Rosewood neck electric guitar

Different woods resonate in distinct ways and affect the overall sound of the guitar. For example, an alder body produces a balanced and clear tone, making it versatile for various music genres. On the other hand, a mahogany body gives you a warmer and more sustain-heavy sound, making it a favourite for those into rock or blues. The neckwood can influence the feel of your instrument as you slide your fingers along the frets. Maple necks often provide a bright and snappy response, adding a crispness to your notes. On the contrary, a rosewood neck offers a warmer, mellower feel, which enhances the sustain of your guitar.