Few Tips On How To Protect Your Sound Equipment

By Steve George

March 22, 2016Audio & Video

You can find sound equipment Melbourne wide for both DJ’s and enthusiasts alike. If you are making a career with music then your sound equipment is an investment for your future. How long it lasts, all comes down to how you take care of it.

Most people believe that sound equipment is at its most vulnerable while being used, this is wrong. Your equipment is at its most vulnerable when you are not using it, this is due to dampness in the air, neglect, and other people handling it.

sound equipment

While it’s nice to have people helping you out and sure you probably know a lot of people who are willing to help, it is you that actually set up and put away your audio equipment Melbourne wide. It only takes one mistake for things to turn into a bad situation. Maybe someone will forget to latch a case shut properly, drop your microphone in a hurry, or leave your power cord plugged into a wall somewhere. This is how accidents happen and you can’t exactly get mad at someone who was only trying to help you in the first place without the proper knowledge of how to handle expensive DJ equipment.

One thing you should always be aware of is where you keep your equipment. You can find great sound equipment Melbourne wide, so you don’t want to spoil it by storing it incorrectly. One thing that can ruin your audio systems Melbourne climate. This means damp surroundings and high humidity. All these settings can cause your equipment to start corroding – the more moisture that is in the surrounding air, the faster this can happen. So be aware that the Australian climate is not ideal. If you store your equipment away, make sure it’s in a dry place. Another tip is to coat WD-40 on any plugs and sockets to give it some extra protection.

We know that DJ equipment Melbourne climate can be a dangerous mix, but if stored correctly there should be no damage. Just like extreme heat, extreme cold can also be damaging. If you have stored your equipment somewhere really cold, then wait for your equipment to warm up to room temperature before you attempt to use it. If you take cold audio equipment and bring it into a warm room, you might have problems with condensation forming. This means that a film of moisture will appear which can cause many different problems both electrical and mechanical. Your motors can start to run slow, belts can easily slip up, and your microphones sound can change, but as soon as it’s warmed up and completely dry, everything should operate normally again.

In the case of an emergency, you should always keep spare parts with you just in case you need them. Some spare parts you should invest in are needles, microphone chord, spare plugs, sockets, speak chord, power chord, and so on. Anything you know takes a real beating and can easily break, is something you should have on hand. Taking proper care of your equipment will make sure its lifespan is extended greatly. Audio equipment is something that can make or break your career; it’s something that helps us put the sound we create out there, so take care of your audio equipment and reap the rewards.