Fantastic Anti-Age Beauty Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Fantastic

By Maria Rogerson

August 6, 2015Health & Beauty Skin care

When it comes to anti-aging, everyone would like their skin to look the same as it did in their early twenties. Yes, that is a fact, but as the time passes and you grow older, your skin changes. It is a natural aging process.

While you can’t stop time from marching on, you can stop it from marching all over you – or maybe encourage it to march a little slower. Here are some fantastic anti-age beauty tips that will help you slow the process of aging and feel and look fantastic.

Invest in a powerful primer

Primers are amazing fine-line disguises that help foundation go on more easily as well as last longer. But avoid primers that are tacky and paste like; liquid ones tends to feel great, even on more mature skin.


Try a high-tech eye lift

A high-tech eye lift is an eye treatment that requires forty minutes to firmer and smoother the under-eye skin. The treatment involves hyaluronic acid-infused gel patches which are applied under the eyes area, which are connected to ‘pods’ that deliver a micro-current that help the moisturizer to penetrate the skin. The result will be fewer lines and an increase in firmness.

Body-skin savers

For neck to toe anti-aging benefits, try a intensively moisturizing body serum with wrinkle fighting pro-retinol A. There are also other body lotions that contain a blend of gently exfoliating fruit acids that will soften rough patches.

Brush and Brighten

Get whiter teeth in one week just by brushing with an effective whitening toothpaste. To be effective, the toothpaste must have 1% of hydrogen peroxide – the same active ingredient found in whitening strips. A brighter smile makes people look younger.

Wear sunscreen for all seasons

Don’t be tricked by bad weather – UVA rays can cause skin-aging signs even on cloudy winter days. So make sure to wear sunscreen with UVA filters always. Sunscreens protect the skin from the direct UV damage, thus inhibiting the formation of free radicals that can contribute to aging.

A bright swipe

A bright lipstick can make you look more younger. From nude to rich blackberry colours, lipsticks will also keep lips hydrated.

One minute fix to knock out wrinkles

Although there is no magic lotion that can totally erase fine lines, when a quick fix is required, the temporary skin-smoothing power of these three ingredients will do the trick:

Gaba – it prevents the release of chemicals that cause the muscles of the face to tighten; Silicone – often found in makeup and skin care products, it instantly evens out skin surface, filling in wrinkles;

Mica – a mineral that minimizes the look of lines.



Microdermabrasion is one of the Hollywood’s celeb’s most favourite treatments. It makes a practical alternative to pricier and more invasive procedures like Botox and plastic surgery and can be done during your lunch time. It is often used to soften fine lines and wrinkles and reduce age spots resulting in a smooth coarsely textured skin.

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