Fashion Tips: 3 Classic Accessories Every Woman Should Own

By Maria Rogerson

November 25, 2021Fashion

Throughout the previous decades, we’ve seen a plethora of different fashion trends come and go- low-rise jeans, dresses over pants, lace-up sandals and more. On the other hand, there are a few accessories that have remained ultra-modern throughout all these decades no matter how trends have changed. The following are the most timeless items every fashionable lady should own.

A Pair of Classic Black Women’s Shoes

Classic black women shoe

Whether you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will match any of your outfits or something that will keep you extra comfy throughout the day, black is the colour you can’t go wrong with. Black is the most versatile colour that goes with outfits for all occasions and in all seasons, and this is why no lady should be left without at least one pair of these.

The best thing about these timeless shoes is that they come in a plethora of different styles and designs, so you won’t struggle to find something that will match your needs and style preferences. For instance, if you need to buy woman shoes that are versatile, don’t hesitate to go for the classic pair of black high heels. This type of shoe is ideal to be combined with blazers and pants or skirts for the office or a lovely top and your favourite pair of jeans for casual night outs with your friends.

Talking about black heels, you’ll also come across a bunch of cute sandals once you decide to buy woman shoes. And a pair of black sandals is a must-have for the upcoming summer season since they’re perfect to be worn with casual shorts, skirts and dresses. So, feel free to combine cute flat sandals with black straps with your favourite maxi dress for the ultimate comfort, or a pair of edgy wedges with your favourite denim skirt and nice shirts in different prints.

If you’re the type of lady who prefers being comfortable when away from home, don’t hesitate to go for black sneakers. With a pair of classic black sneakers, you won’t even have to compromise on looking stylish while still being cozy and comfy. These shoes would look ultimately fashionable combined with both -jeans, a black leather jacket and your favourite bag for the colder season and casual dresses or skirts and lovely tops for the warm summer season.

Finally, a pair of black boots are perfect throughout the winter season. Whether they’re flat, high-heeled, ankle cut or above your knees, we’re sure that you’ll be able to combine them with everything- your favourite fur coat and handbag or casual joggers and a stylish bomber jacket.

A Structured Women’s Handbag

Different types of handbags

If there’s any accessory that would go perfectly well with your favourite pair of black women shoes, that’s undoubtedly a nice handbag. And not only a lovely handbag will elevate your style and match the other accessories you’re wearing, but handbags are also essential to carry your personal belongings and items you need throughout the day.

And talking about bags as the timeless accessory for women, don’t hesitate to get a structured women’s handbag to look lavish and elevate your style to the maximum. In fact, many fashion experts recommend having at least one structured handbag if you want to successfully bridge the gap between your favourite dressy and casual outfits.

For instance, a black structured bag is perfect to be combined with stylish jeans and mid-heel or flat black boots for the winter period if you want to achieve a casual yet stylish look or shiny leather leggings and chunky white sneakers to look ultimately trendy. On the other hand, polished structured bags look very elegant and can be worn for special occasions, so feel free to wear them with a flirty dress and stiletto shoes for your dates or a nice pair of dressy trousers and classic high heels when you want to achieve a more formal look.

In addition to being very stylish, structured bags for women are one of the most practical and convenient accessories. They feature a bunch of different compartments, which means you can store and organize everything you need with ease. The structured nature of these bags makes them a little bit bulky, which will let you carry a lot of items. They’re also very easy to open and find what you need right away, which is always a problem with the unstructured hobo bags and totes.

On top of everything, structured handbags for women come in many different styles, colours, designs and patterns, meaning you won’t struggle to choose a model that will suit your closet’s colour palette and your style preferences at all.

A Classic Wristwatch

Women wearing classical wristwatch

If throughout the previous century wristwatches were considered a must-have accessory in men’s fashion, this century’s fashion trends are more diverse than ever. Hence, a nice wristwatch is part of every elegant lady’s ensemble. And we bet you’re not even surprised, since you can imagine the amount of confidence the combo of a wristwatch, your favourite scarf and a leather structured jacket can bring when walking around.

And just like the other timeless accessories, hand watches can also be worn with a bunch of different outfits, not to mention throughout all the seasons. For instance, you can always wear a simple gold hand watch with a black blazer and a pencil skirt to achieve a business look in a very classy way. On the other hand, golden watches are perfect for ladies nurturing chic style, since they look very stylish when worn with bright jumpsuits for the warmer season and knitted sweaters when it’s a bit colder. If you want to add some more class, gold watches look exceptionally well with red and black outfits.

On the other hand, if the golden watch works as the most lavish detail of your outfits, silver ones are classic, but yet have a more contemporary effect. However, they also make for the perfect accessory to achieve a lot of looks.

For instance, if you want to achieve an edgy and bold look, there’s nothing better than the classic leather black jacket to complement your silver wristwatch. On the other hand, silver watches can also be worn with sleeveless silky shirts in neutral colours and tailored pants for a more sophisticated look.

The range of opportunities with wristwatches for ladies is endless. The only thing you have to do is to wake up the fashion designer in yourself and tailor stylish combos to look and feel like the ultimate fashion diva.