Few Tips To Consider When Traveling with Musical Instruments: #1 Use Travel Cases

By Steve George

February 15, 2016Audio & Video

If you are someone who travels a lot with their musical instruments you know that there can be a lot of things you can forget. Some of these things include travel cases, flight policies, security checks, and so much more. Below we’re going to go over a few of the essential things you should remember when traveling somewhere with your musical instruments.

Travel Cases

travel cases

Some people think that having a standard case will be enough, but it really isn’t. You need special travel cases for musical instruments to make sure that all your gear is well protected. There are special musical instruments flight cases that are specifically designed to protect your instruments on long haul flights that can get bumpy. So make sure you invest in decent travel cases for your instruments and have peace of mind that they will be damage free when you arrive.

Security & Airport

You want to make sure that you know the airlines travel policies regarding traveling with instruments before you actually get there. You should also be prepared for security, you should always leave a short list of instructions on how to properly pack and repack your instruments. You also want to give yourself extra time to make sure that security has enough time to thoroughly check you.

ID Tags

You want to put ID tags on everything. The worst thing for a musician is to lose their instrument somewhere along the way. If it has been misplaced you want to make sure that you have an ID tag with your phone number and email attached so whoever finds it can easily reach you and get it back to you safe and sound.


Make sure that you have the proper insurance covering any damages that might occur to your instruments during travel. You want to make sure that your insurance policy also covers theft and any other possible situation that can occur during travel. You want to make sure that your insurance policy covers all the things you need before you go anywhere!


Remember that if you don’t want to lug your instruments around, you can usually find a lot of places that will rent instruments to you depending on the type of place you are going. This is one way you can really be sure that your instruments are safe from any hazards that can arise while traveling.

Remember that traveling with instruments is risky no matter how you travel. You always want to be prepared for the worst outcome. Investing in a good quality, sturdy travel case is one way to do this. If you are preparing for a flight and need to take your instruments with you then follow this guide to make sure you have everything covered!