Our Tips for Buying a Dog Crate: Keep Your Pooch Safe and Comfortable When Travelling

By Maria Rogerson

September 14, 2023Pets

Want to travel with your canine companion? One of the most important aspects of ensuring safe and comfortable pet transportation is selecting the appropriate travel crate. Long-distance travel anxiety can be greatly reduced when your dog feels secure and at ease in their travel crate, which benefits both you and your pet.

How to Choose the Right Travel Crate for Your Dog?

How to Choose the Right Travel Crate for Your Dog?
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Whether you’re flying your dog to a different state within Australia, moving abroad, or just searching for something you can use in the car, a high-quality and beautifully designed puppy travel crate is your safest bet. However, finding the one that corresponds to your dog’s breed and your needs can be overwhelming due to the wide range of options. Therefore, there are some helpful tips to follow for making a straightforward decision.

Collapsible or Not

Lightweight, safe, collapsible dog carriers constructed of excellent materials are the best you can purchase for your dog if versatility and utility are your top priorities in a crate. They fold up for quick storage, are portable, and are simple to transport from one location to another. Still, you’ll want to pick the right material.

Metal is the most common material for collapsible dog travel crates. It is excellent for crate training and use with pups since it can withstand more tenacious teeth and claws. They typically have removable dividers so your dog’s crate may grow with him, and are frequently on the cheaper end of the crate spectrum.

If this is your choice, make sure your dog has been crate trained before putting them in a foldable dog crate made of wood, however, as they aren’t recommended for shark-like breeds like chompers or teething puppies. Because they frequently are “one-size-fits-all,” adult dogs are better suited to use them than growing puppies.

One of the most commonly asked topics when discussing collapsible crates made of cloth is “Are soft-sided dog crates any good?” and the answer is yes because they are lightweight and easier to pack and carry, which makes them perfect for a dog travelling. That’s not all, though!

They can commonly be used in several settings, including at home, in a car, and even when camping. Additionally, while relocating to a new house, soft padded foldable cages might make things easier for the pet ground transport service.

Keep in mind though that collapsible soft crates are better suited for dogs who have already been trained to use them because fabric is more difficult to clean up after accidents and soft material is readily broken by strong chewers.

Pick the Right Size

Size is undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors to consider when picking the best puppy travel crate because they require adequate room to stand, sit, and lay down inside the crate without feeling crammed. Consequently, you’ll want a dog carrier that is roomy but not too large because doing so can tempt your dog to go potty there.

For puppies, you should also take into account an extensible crate that is the same size as the breed’s typical mature size. You may adjust the divider in these crates to add additional space as your puppy grows.

To determine the right dog travel crate size, measure your dog’s height while he is standing, from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. Also, measure your puppy’s length from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Finally, add three to four inches to each dimension to get the height and length of the dog crate you’ll require.

Don’t Compromise Comfort or Sturdiness

All dog crates must have sufficient air holes or mesh fabric on the sides to allow your dog to breathe properly. If your dog doesn’t usually chew on fabric items, make the crate more inviting by placing a cosy, machine-washable bed inside. In addition, a lot of crates come with beds that you can remove and clean.

All dog crates must have sufficient air holes or mesh fabric on
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It’s critical to pick a model that can withstand the test of time because crates are utilized as a safe location for your dog to spend the day and night as well as undergo proper travel training. However, the best models come with sides made of vented wire mesh so you can easily watch your dog from any position while travelling. Make sure the crate you select is built of sturdy, non-toxic materials that won’t corrode because a dog’s safety should always come first.

A strong one with numerous access points is another option since they give your dog multiple entries, which is particularly beneficial for senior dogs with mobility concerns. Additionally, a top door will make it simple for you to reach in and pick up tiny dogs and young puppies when you need to clean out their cage.

The Ease of Maintenance Does Matter

Making cleaning the cage as simple as you can is a crucial step to ensuring its durability. This is especially important when potty training is in progress and mishaps are more likely so be sure to pick out the right low-maintenance design. Metal and plastic are used to make the cleanest crates. Collapsible wire boxes with a pull-out tray also considerably minimize the amount of time needed for cleaning.