Our Tips for Buying CPAP Machines

By Steve George

July 13, 2020Health & Beauty Medicine

If you’re suffering from a breathing disorder like OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), you’ve probably heard that one of the most effective solutions for it is using a CPAP machine. But buying your very own CPAP machine can be quite daunting – there are hundreds of different models available, so picking the most suitable one that you can trust with your life is no easy task. In order to make sure you get the best CPAP machine your money can buy, it’s important to take a few factors into consideration.

First and foremost, you should only consider buying machines from reputable brands that come with a guarantee. After all, you’ll be spending a few thousand dollars, so you want to make sure your money is well-invested. Furthermore, you want to buy a CPAP through a certified vendor. Many sellers don’t have a permit to sell these medical-grade devices. The seller should be able to answer all questions you have regarding the machine. They should also be able to help you choose the right device based on your prescription, and provide you with advice about the best accessories you should get to maintain the machine.

Some of the most reliable and popular brands supplying CPAP machines are ResMed, Philips Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel.

  • ResMed CPAP machines are considered a trusted leader in the CPAP equipment world. The company aims to provide customers with the most technologically advanced, innovative CPAP systems and accessories to complement it. While ResMed CPAP machines are on the pricier side, you can rest assured you’re getting a superior quality product backed by a lengthy warranty and great customer support.
resmed cpap machine

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  • Philips Respironics is another trusted brand when it comes to CPAP machines. They manufacture equipment at the highest quality standards, and proof of that are the thousands of positive reviews and testimonials you’ll find online. Again, they’re on the more expensive side regarding price but are more affordable than ResMed.
  • Fisher & Paykel is best known for the ICON CPAP machines and the Simplus line of minimalistic masks. Just like Philips and ResMed, this brand provides top-quality products that you can also buy online.

Source: CPAPflow

Keep in mind that not all CPAP machines feature a built-in humidification system. That being said, when shopping for one, pay attention to the description and specs of the machine you’re considering. It will be mentioned there whether the machine has an in-built humidification system or not. A humidification system helps deliver moist air that has a comfortable temperature. This way, you’ll be breathing air that will prevent the dry mouth syndrome and nasal irritations.

Further, it can help you deter nasal infections, bloody nose and other side effects of constantly using the CPAP machine. There are some CPAP machines that let you disconnect the humidification system. This can be a great solution for frequent travellers who don’t want to take a bulky humidifier with them. Many people find that the difference in the quality of air therapy is great when using a CPAP with a humidifier.

When choosing a CPAP machine, the noise levels it produces while in operation are something to consider. You’re going to need to get therapy throughout the night, and if you’re sleeping with a partner, you both should get an uninterrupted and quiet night of sleep. Ideally, the CPAP machine you choose shouldn’t be louder than 30dB. These machines are oftentimes labelled as whisper-quiet machines, and they make a quiet and soothing operation sound that won’t disturb you.


Source: ApneaMed

Getting used to the CPAP therapy pressure may be troublesome at first, which is why some models include the ramp feature. This basically gives the machine the ability to deliver oxygen at lower pressures initially, and will then gradually increase to the specified levels. Usually, the ramp feature can be set anywhere from 0 to 45 minutes. In other words, the CPAP machine will let you adjust to the required level over time. Many people state that this feature has helped them adapt to the therapy much quicker. However, not every machine involves this feature, so it’s completely optional.

Lastly, pay attention to whether the device you pick allows you to record therapy data that your physician can later review to adjust the settings to ensure it matches your needs even better. For instance, a CPAP machine with smart data will provide you with details like leak rates, pressure changes, apnea events, snoring episodes, etc. This can be very helpful, so highly consider picking a unit with this feature.

To sum it up, it’s very important to pay attention to the aforementioned details when buying a CPAP device. Keep in mind that you’ll use it on a daily basis for medical purposes, so you want to make sure you get a machine that meets your needs and requirements perfectly. The mask should be comfortable, portable and fit your environment well. If you’re traveling frequently, you need to make sure the unit is FAA approved.