Our Tips for Creating an Office Breakout Area with the Right Seating

By Maria Rogerson

June 24, 2019Furniture

For most workers a typical day at work means being glued to a computer screen, sitting still in the same position for a long time. All of this can lead to a lot of stress and fatigue. But if the working environment includes a breakout area, your employees would be able to take a frequent breaks from work, connect with other colleagues and relax. Given the fact that this area should be all about relaxation, it’s only logical that you should invest in the most comfortable types of seating. Like for instance.

Recliner Chair

A recliner zero gravity chair is a type of seating that cradles the back and elevates the legs, while maintaining a correct ergonomic position for the body – very different from the standard seating position when working on the computer. A recliner zero gravity chair can provide maximum support for the whole body, allowing employees to customise the body’s position. Apart from offering high level of comfort, these chairs are second to none in promoting better posture, effective circulation and relieving spinal pressure. You have the option to place manual recliner zero gravity chairs that use the body’s own weight to gently ease into all recline angles or electric ones that come with a remote control which facilitates easy movement of the chair in several directions. Additionally, a small side table can be added to the chair as a space for drinks, snacks, books, documents or anything else that employees would like to have by their side while having a well deserved break.


Sofas can provide a change from the standard chair and be an inviting place for social gatherings. Additionally, they can be completed with soft cushions to make them even more comfortable. There are lots of funky new designs, for instance some models are designed with enclosed wings to offer a little extra sound privacy like when chatting with a colleague.

Modular Seating

Apart from being comfortable, a modular sofa created of many linking units can be easily and quickly moved around which makes it a versatile piece to have in an office breakout area. Each element can be combined with other elements or divided to create a separate piece of furniture, giving the employees many options for creating multiple configurations like a separate corner, an armchair or a two-seater. What’s more, a modular sofa is suitable for every space, even one with unusual layout as the various furniture units can be set in such a way as to make most out of the space.