Our Tips for Choosing Children’s Furniture

By Maria Rogerson

June 20, 2019Home & Decor

Choosing and buying furniture can be a hassle with all the options around though it’s slightly different when it’s the kids’ room you’re buying it for. Apart from the many choices available, there’s the aspect of style, whether choose something fun with a theme or go for something more serious, and then there’s the budget consideration.

Truth is kids grow fast and if you aren’t planning on buying furniture every couple of years or so then looking for the kind of furniture pieces that are created to grow with your kids is a must. This is exactly what the Scandinavian childrens furniture design offers, as we see in the examples of chairs, cots that turn into beds and mattress extenders.

Moreover, these furniture pieces are made from top notch materials like wood which means when you invest in them you invest in quality and won’t have to worry about replacing them soon so you’d be able to cut down on costs. Yet, this isn’t all there is to making this choice, especially when it comes to the safety.

While we may be concerned about furniture and how secure it is and whether there’s risk of tipping over or not, there’s another danger lurking in the kids’ rooms, one that can’t be seen: toxins present in furniture paints and textiles.

The reason Scandinavian childrens furniture makes the great choice regarding this is because it’s made from natural FSC certified wood like birch that hasn’t gone through chemical manufacture and is painted with VOC-free paint meeting the European Toys Directive requirements whereas with textiles the focus is on sustainable options such as Eco-Tex cotton and wool as they’re known for their comfort and breathability.

Now, another important point you should take into consideration with kids’ furniture is storage. You’d be surprised how quick kids accumulate stuff which is why you require to have pieces that are space-savvy and functional. You won’t be disappointed with the Scandinavian choice as its main characteristics are exactly these, we all know it to be minimal design as in the example of the two-in-one storage benches.

With pieces like this one you won’t have much difficulty teaching your children to stay organised and clean up after themselves. The last ingredient to finishing the room is of course making it cosy and you won’t have any trouble accomplishing this when you’ve got Scandinavian design to count on with its neutrals and subdued colours.