Our Tips for Mastering the Streetwear Trend

By Maria Rogerson

January 23, 2024Fashion

Drawing inspiration from the most avant-garde and rule-breaking subcultures in fashion, streetwear is the de facto uniform of modern statement fashion. This popular trend which plans on going nowhere any time soon, offers the ideal fusion of sporting comfort and eye-catching, bright designs. It is so influential that has proliferated at all fashion echelons, from haute couture to the mall. This is a good thing as it makes the process of building your street fashion wardrobe from scratch a breeze even if you’re new to the game.

A few basic pieces, many of which you likely already own in your closet, plus a few accessories to complete the ideal look are all you need to get started.

Have at Least One Cool Pair of Kicks

New Balance Numeric – NM600OGS – White/Gum
source: beyondstore.fi

Would streetwear even exist without sneakers? Probably not! Sneakers are the most essential item of clothing in the closet of any streetwear enthusiast, regardless of limited editions, customs, or collaborations. We may even argue that the shoes complete the ensemble. Therefore, shop for stylish and top-quality men’s street shoes to take your hype beast look to the next level.

Typically, the streetwear shoes game begins with basic sneakers. For many years, this movement has been led by companies like Converse, Adidas, and Nike. Traditional sneakers are essential to any streetwear ensemble because of their adaptability and classic appearance. This footwear, which ranges from the classic Adidas Superstar to the venerable Nike Air Force 1, offers the ideal balance of comfort and urban style.

The choice between high-tops and low-tops is one of the most important ones you’ll have to make when selecting your perfect pair. High-top streetwear shoes, such as the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star, provide bold style and ankle support. Low-top sneakers, like the Reebok Club C Revenge Vintage, offer more mobility and a more subdued look. In the end, it’s all up to your shoe preference and needs.

Making a statement is the main goal of street fashion, thus numerous popular shoe companies produce limited-edition colourways. In this regard, the distinctive designs of limited-edition products from companies like Off-White, Yeezy, and Jordan Brand will make you stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, the trend often obfuscates the distinctions between culture, art, and fashion. Collaborations between streetwear businesses with musicians, artists, or even other fashion labels serve as an example of this. Collaborative men’s street shoes, such as the Nike x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1, are in great demand and frequently have unique styles that capture the spirit of the partnership.

Invest in a Cosy Hoodie

cozy hoodie for a man
source: bestbobomk.life

Because of the hoodie’s built-in comfort, usefulness, and ability to be customized with logos, public figures including skaters in the 1980s, East Coast rappers in the 1990s, and street artists in the 2000s have made it their own.

Of course, a decent hoodie must fit well. We would typically recommend a thin, tailored fit for the majority of the items in your collection. But, you’ll want something with a looser fit for a classic hoodie you want to wear casually, whether or not it’s part of a streetwear-inspired look.

Choose a traditional cotton jersey or loopback cotton if you want a true streetwear piece. Cotton jersey is incredibly soft, flexible, and long-lasting. Originally, the reverse of the fabric was sewn with tiny loops. The purpose of these was to remove perspiration from the body so that the wearer would remain cool and comfortable while wearing. These days, it’s not necessary, but many streetwear hoodies still come in the iconic “loopback” fabric. Logos are king when it comes to streetwear.  However, how far you go with it is purely down to personal taste.

Elevate the Look with Cargo Pants

cargo pants for man
source: realmenrealstyle.com

Men’s cargo pants, which were formerly associated with workwear and military fashion, are a perfect fit for the tough, utilitarian street style subgenre. Men’s combat pants, which are distinguished by their large pockets, loose fit, and distinctive style, last experienced a surge in demand in the 1990s when street fashion icons like rappers and skaters began to adopt them.

There are many sizes and styles available, however, the three main categories of men’s cargo pants are the traditional utility pants, the cosy cargo jogger, and the slender combat pants. Regardless of the cargo pants style you choose, they are a terrific addition to any hype beast wardrobe.

Graphic Tees Are a Must

graphic tee
source: pinterest.com.au

Cool, casual tees are essential when building your street-style wardrobe collection. Naturally, labels and details are everything when it comes to the trend. You can’t go wrong with a top that sports the emblem of your favourite brand, but don’t be afraid to try unique off-brand looks as well.

Designer tops, button-ups, graphic designs, and vintage T-shirts all work well as layering foundations. For an additional touch of personality, consider incorporating bespoke t-shirts into your outfit. Add a zip-up, bomber, or denim jacket to elevate the showstopper look.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

accessories for man outfits
source: vanchier.com

Whether you like it or not, the logo belt trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. While purchasing an authentic GG or LV belt is not required, incorporating a striking, distinctive detail around the waist will help you incorporate this fashion subculture back into your outfit.

As vaping is in, a stylish vaporizer can now be considered just as much of a fashion accessory as a belt, jewellery, or handbag. On the other hand, a basic yet stylish pair of aviators (maybe with tinted lenses for a little of ’90s flair) may take your outfit from basic to outstanding.

Although Supreme, Champion, and Kappa are the industry leaders in street fashion backpacks, you may use this one in a lot of different settings. These days, streetwear influencers and designers are veering off from the traditional backpack and toward wacky, wearable cargo, particularly classic fannies and chest rigs and slings, essentially across-the-chest fanny packs.