Our Tips For Pressure Cooking With Induction

By Maria Rogerson

April 24, 2015Food & Drink House & Garden Kitchenware

Induction cooking and the use of special portable induction cookers is relatively a new culinary trend. This cooking method has been widely accepted among Australian consumers ever since it was first introduced. A growing number of homeowners switch from the traditional way of cooking using gas or electric stove tops to cooking with portable induction cookers, because of the many advantages it provides.


The main benefits of cooking with portable induction cookers are:

  1. cost-efficiency;
  2. environmental protection;
  3. safer cooking;
  4. professional restaurant-quality cooking;
  5. fast cooking;
  6. reduced cleaning time.

If you are not familiar with the induction method of cooking and haven’t tried it yet, we encourage you to try it and take advantage of all aforementioned benefits. Of course, you will need specially designed equipment, such as an induction cooker and cookware, because this method differs from traditional cooking techniques.

Induction cookers can be expensive, but considering all the health benefits, they are worth the money. Since we got over the main benefits of cooking with portable induction cookers, the next step is to learn the basics. Here are the three most important tips for successful cooking with portable induction cookers.

  • Don’t Preheat The Induction Cooker Before Use – Unlike with gas or electric stoves, portable induction cookers should not be preheated before use, because the cooking surface area of these small kitchen appliances is ready for cooking (heated) in about 14 seconds. Yes, you read that correct. Just 14 seconds. How amazing is that! If you do not want to end up with burned onions or garlic when sauting, turn on the induction cooker once you put oil in it.
  • Stick To Medium Heat – High heat is not recommended for portable induction cookers. To ensure your meal turns out a success, turn the cooker on medium heat. In fact, the whole mechanism of the induction cooker is adjusted for safer cooking on medium heat. This way, the food you prepare will stay moist and preserve all the healthy nutrients and taste. You will prepare healthier meals quicker and without compromising on the flavour.
  • Don’t Leave The Cooker Unattended After Adjusting The Heat – This is particularly important if using with a wide cooking pan/pot that is filled to the top. For successful induction cooking, you need to stay close to the induction cooker and constantly adjust the temperature for the first 5-10 minutes of cooking. This way, you will ensure that the food will be cooked evenly and safely.