Our Tips On How To Clean Your Home After a Flood

By Steve George

December 2, 2013Cleaning services

Floods are most common natural disasters and can create severe damage, material and human. If you live in the area prone to flooding, you already know the after-effects. Cleaning the house is one of them.The biggest enemy is mold. It can severely affect your health and cause asthma, allergy and other respiratory problems. That is why you need to act fast in order to prevent any major water damage. The first thing to do is take pictures of the house and show them to your insurance company to reduce your repair cost. Make sure you go over your policy and be prepared for ‘not covered’ situations.


The next step is cleaning. Before you begin, make sure you are fully equipped with gloves, goggles, mask, etc. to ensure your own safety and minimize chances of infection. Remove excess water, open the windows and use few fans to circulate the air to speed the drying process. Take out all your furniture, clothing, carpets, etc. and start disinfecting with household cleaning detergents in order to prevent mold from spreading. Once everything is dried, scrub and disinfect every surface in the house to kill germs and other bacterias that might form mold in the future. Pay special attention to upholstery furniture and carpets. However, water damage to furniture and carpets can be so great, even the most expensive cleaning products will not be of much help. But, no need to panic as there are many cleaning companies that specialize in water damage restoration and will make your house look as new.


We advise you to hire professional carpet cleaning company since they have both the equipment and skilled staff to match any cleaning task. They will extract all excess moisture with powerful vacuum extraction machinery and then use special cleaning water damage restoration techniques to ensure your carpets look as new. These companies can successfully clean upholstery, beds, restore carpets, remove stubborn stains and deal with any type of water damage. They can prolong the life of your carpets and furniture, something you will not be able to do with store-bought cleaning products. And by hiring professionals to deal with water damage restoration, you can focus on selecting items that can be used and throw clothing, furniture and other home items that have been completely damaged during the flood. It is important to thoroughly clean the house to ensure healthy living environment.