Our Tips On How To Save Money On Gas

By Steve George

August 27, 2013Cars


Gasoline prices have already increased significantly this year and still continue to rise. According to some analysts, by the end of the year, it will cost over 10% more to fill up your tank compared to last year reports. This climb in prices is not only affecting world economy, but is hitting everyone including families and small and large businesses. Aside from being affected every time you go to the pump, you may also feel gas price increase when shopping for groceries and clothing as continuous rise of a cost of a barrel has an impact on all industries.

Love Your Car – Well-maintained vehicle will not only perform at its best and have longer life, but will also significantly reduce its fuel consumption. Thus, take good care of your car. Change engine oil as recommended by a manufacturer as it lubricates internal parts of the engine. Also, make sure the brakes are not worn out and keep tires inflated to recommended tire pressure for your vehicle’s make and model. Cleaning your car’s interior and exterior regularly will also result in better fuel economy. And always practice safe driving. Driving over allowed speed limit will not only increase the safety risks of getting into an accident, but will also spare you from high traffic tickets and will help you save money on fuel.


Rent A CarVacationing with kids will not only let you forget everyday problems, even if for a moment, but is also a perfect way to spend some quality time with your kids. But with soaring gas prices, for many family trips are nothing more than wishful thinking. However, you can save big bucks on gas if you road trip with van rentals Melbourne. Rental companies have wide range of various makes and models that offer better fuel economy than your car. In addition, you’ll spare you car from inevitable wear and tear and will also avoid adding extra kilometers on the odometer. This will significantly depreciate the value of your vehicle and lower it selling price in case you decide to sell it one day. Also, research on rent to own cars Melbourne as many companies offer good financing deals with low down payment required upfront and low monthly payments.

Use Public Transportation – The best way to save money on gas is to use public transportation. However, very few people use this advantage nowadays. According to recent surveys, over 85% of all trips in Australia are made by car. Using public transportation has numerous benefits, though. Aside from fattening your wallet, you’ll save on wear and tear and ultimately on costly car repairs. Also, you will not have to stress over traffic jams and lets not forget about saving time you’ll normally use for looking for parking.


Transfer To Diesel – Although it may seem silly, but converting your car from gas system to diesel fuel injection system will surely save you lots of money on vehicle maintenance in the long run. Unlike gas engines where fuel is injected into carburetor first where it is mixed with air and then injected into cylinder, diesel engines injects fuel directly into the cylinder. Because of this, diesel engines last longer and are more efficient and reliable. Therefore, you’ll not only ensure safety for you and your passengers on the road, but will save money on diesel injector service checks and repairs. And of course, taking into consideration that diesel fuel is way cheaper than gas, you’ll surely save big bucks on fuel.