Our Tips On How To Treat Hair Loss

By Maria Rogerson

July 22, 2013Hair care

hair loss

It is said that long, healthy and voluminous hair is great magnificence to every woman. But what if your hair is far from being magnificent. Dull and hard-to-style hair is something every woman experiences and is trained to handle. Thinning hair, on the other hand, is is not just upsetting, but a devastating condition women find hard to cope with. Baldness is no longer an illness that affects men only. According to recent researches, about 40% of women experience some type of female hair loss.

Thankfully, some types of female hair loss can be stopped and reversed as well. That is why it is important to get diagnosed. Hair loss is not a hereditary illness only. It can occur due to poor diet, hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy or menopause, some other illness or due to strong medications. Even if your hair loss is due to genetic inheritance, you can still try to minimize its progress natural way before browsing through brochures on hair replacement. The first step to take is to improve your diet. Poor unhealthy diet which lacks minerals and vitamins can cause hair loss. So, eat foods rich in nutrients especially iron and zinc. You can also take supplements and vitamins as well.

Try to disguise your thinning hair. There are many shampoos and styling products that can help you achieve thicker appearance. However, be careful with which products you use and to what extent. Minimize the use of blow dryer, flat and curling irons as they damage the hair. Also try different hair styles and don’t be afraid to accessorize. Clip in hair extensions  are a big fashion hit these days. They are versatile, durable and easy to maintain. And above all, perfect for giving volume to dull hair. If you have a balding patch, then invest in a quality hairpiece or a wig. Many women who suffer from hair loss swear by Rogaine. It is a minoxidil which is applied twice a day to the scalp and is proven to revitalize hair follicles.

Whichever way you choose to treat your female hair loss, know it is not your fault. Many believe that hair loss is caused by frequent use of styling products and gadgets, often washing and coloring and use of hair accessories. This is not true so stop beating yourself up. Instead, try to accept it (the sooner the better) and start treating it.