Our Tips To Make Perfume Last Longer

By Maria Rogerson

August 14, 2013Perfumes

Dkny Perfume

Whether you are getting ready to grab a cup of coffee with your best friend or hit the club, a complete look is never finished without a good fragrance. Perfume makers are popping out from everywhere and old affirmed perfume makers are using every marketing tool to crush the newcomers and keep their market share. With so many perfumes to choose from, it’s hard to find one that has a unique and fresh scent and has high-lasting quality. Because it is always frustrating when you give over $50 for a perfume (DKNY perfume, for instance) and it evaporates soon after you leave the house. If this happens often, it may not be the quality of your perfume, but how are you apply it. Either way, here are some tips that you can use to ensure your perfumes last longer.

Around pulse points

Spots where you can feel your pulse the most, like neck, side forehead and wrists which have blood vessels really close to the skin which creates heat. Because of this heat, perfume applied on the pulse spots spread more easily for a longer time. As your body moves it heats up throughout the day and that helps perfume smell to emanate constantly.

Last but not least

Always, always apply perfume last. Dress up, put on your accessories and jewelry, and apply perfume as ”the cherry on a cake”. Be careful though when you’re applying fragrances, because different scents are made of different chemicals that can harm some of your clothes. Not that this is always true, but you should be aware of it. Also, don’t scrub the area where you spray perfume because scrubbing will break scent molecules and destroy your perfume scent.

Dkny Perfumes

Perfumed hair

Some people go to the extremes and apply perfume on their hair to achieve long lasting effects. Knowing about these methods, perfume manufacturers like DKNY perfume sell scents that are totally safe to be applied to hair and scalp area.

Strong notes

Some people have such skin that regardless of what they do, it seems as if they cannot get longer lasting effects out of their perfume. In response, perfume makers from famous brands like Lacoste, Gucci, Kenzo and DKNY perfume are keen on making perfumes which feature stronger notes. Floral and herbal notes are some of the strongest and have a slight advantage in being chosen for a perfume with long lasting scent.