Our tips for new bathroom look

By Steve George

July 19, 2013Kitchenware

Bathroom renovation

Among all rooms in a house, a bathroom requires special cleaning treatment and different approach when it comes to renovation. Because most bathrooms have tile floors and walls, renovating one would demand more than just going to the store and picking out a color. However, bathrooms in general are not prone to frequent renovations because of high costs of new tiles, bathtub and other accessories. Moreover, space convenience is very important here and everything should be planned in detail before work gets started. You wouldn’t want to turn around while you are brushing your teeth and hitting a misplaced shelf above your head every morning. Interior design and colors are totally a matter of taste and prices vary from low to amazingly high just because there is a brand name on the products. For instance, on the market many resellers offer overpriced stylish bathroom cabinets Melbourne┬áresidents are not happy with this and usually look for cheap replicas of these to cut costs. So, here are some few tips to consider if you are giving your bathroom a new and fresh look.

Important part of this renovating process is making a decision between buying a bathtub or a shower cabin. The decision making process is very much related to people’s lifestyle as anyone would guess that a more busy and dynamic person is likely to choose a shower cabin over a bathtub. On the other hand, a bathtub suits people that have more free time, have kids or are starting a family. Off course, this concept should be taken literally as many hard working people like to relax in a modern bathtub loaded with many massaging functions.

When choosing bathroom elements, it is always better to go for elegance than rough-edged objects. Interior designers will tell you that elegance is timeless and will always stay in trend. On the other hand, modern design ideas only last for couple of years and at some point you will feel that you won the oldest vanity units in Melbourne and whole Australia.
Tiles as part of a bathroom seem to be all the same with different colors. But the real case is that marble stone and ceramic tiles are most water-resistant. Plus, they can easily be combined with a sub-floor heating that will keep the whole bathroom at a proper temperature in winter.