Patisserie Equipment 101: Our Tips for Choosing the Right Cookie Machine

By Maria Rogerson

July 8, 2019Industrial Equipment

I’ve yet to come across a person that doesn’t find cookies delicious. They’re the perfect bite size and come in so many different flavours that can be both sweet and savoury – from chocolate chip to gingerbread, marzipan, oats, nuts, dry fruit and more. With that being said, for many patisseries across the country, cookies can be quite a profitable menu item. So, if you too want to get in on the action, it’s important that you have the right cookie machine.

patisserie equipment

Like any type of patisserie equipment, there’s a variety of cookie machines to choose from. So, choosing the right machine for your establishment can often feel like an overwhelming task. But the following tips can help you clear the confusion and choose the machine that will benefit you the most.

Consider the Type of Cookie You Want to Make

Different machines are able to produce different shapes of cookies. A drop cookie machine has a round depositing head, similar to a pastry bag which allows you to make round cookies. If you want to produce stamped cookies, like for instance shortbread biscuits, a rotary moulder cookie machine would be the best choice. And if you want your cookies to have a specific shape, you may want to invest in a wire-cut cookie depositor that shapes and slices the dough to the desired thickness with a wire.

Identify Your Demand

Just like all the rest of your patisserie equipment, the cookie machine should meet your customer’s demand. Will you need to produce hundreds of cookies a day, or perhaps a thousand? If you purchase a machine with a bigger capacity than required, it will only be a waste of space and resources. And similarly, purchasing a smaller machine can lead to customer dissatisfaction and eventually you will need to invest in a bigger replacement. In order for the cookie machine to be an investment that pays off, you need to consider your current demand and also your goals for the future.

Think About the Available Space

When you’re in the patisserie business, space is always a valuable commodity. In a limited space, you will need to fit mixers, ovens, fridges and a variety of other equipment and make sure that there’s still enough room left for pastry chefs to move around freely. With that being said, it’s important to consider the size of the cookie machine. Although they can produce large quantities of cookies in one batch, a standalone cookie machine can take up valuable floor space. So, if your existing layout makes it hard to fit a new piece of equipment without affecting the freedom of movement, a countertop cookie machine may be the most efficient solution.