Soft Cover Photobook: The Way to Eternalise Your Precious Moments

By Maria Rogerson

August 8, 2023Art

If you’re one of the people who barely have any available space left in the phone, you probably have more photos than you can count. According to photo stats by the Light Stalking, the average number a user has on their phone is around 2000. Out of these, iOS users have around 2400, and Android around 1900.

From daily selfies and photos of meals, kids, pets, family outdoor adventures and events to vacay memories from the airport, plane, resort, and beach, many are the themes of these photos that may be used on social networks, and online platforms, or simply take up crucial phone storage space without ever being checked more than once or twice. Why go through unnecessary clutter, when you can find a simple solution that would help keep your memories in check?

Sure, you can easily brush the issue off by moving them to hard drives or the laptop to create more room for future photos, but it would still not solve the stress of having too many photos that might or mightn’t end up lost. A tried-and-tested solution like creating a personalised photobook soft cover filled with your favourite photos could be the key to your troubles.

What is a Soft Cover Photo Book?

It’s simply a photo album consisting of all your digital photos printed out on the pages bound with staples or glue in a book with soft cover. Select the most important photos you find to be best in terms of quality, jumble them together based on the theme, and put them in lightweight, portable, and durable story books.

As fully customisable, you can choose how and where you want to add them, deciding on their size as much as their colour and contrast, graphics, as well as text with the possibility to include it with each photo and page. The size of the book itself can range, with options from 6×6”, 6×8”, and 8×11”. Highly flexible and easy to handle, they’re great displayed on a shelf, just as they’re perfect to be added on a table, inside an ottoman, or your suitcase.

What is a Soft Cover Photo Book?

With this in mind, one thing is certain, the storage of these books will never be a problem regardless of how big your home is. Don’t be afraid that the photobook soft cover is of any less quality than the hard cover – except for the weight and the more high-end feel with the cover, you won’t see much of a difference. The reason the soft cover alternative has become so popular lately has to do with the ease of production, and the shorter period of time it takes to prepare it positively impacts the price too.

As the more affordable counterpart, it’s also more modern with a fresh and minimalist aesthetic. Depending on how big of a book you want to create, you can choose from those with 20, 40, or even 60 pages and eternalise your keepsakes. Some photo companies may offer you the chance to customise your soft cover photo books even more like going big by choosing to add more than these pages; think 100, 200, or even 300.

And then there’s the versatility of the paper, so you can choose from a range of quality options differing in the finish and shine. You can go so far as combining them in the same book, using a different type of paper for a different person, or colour-coding the pages to make it easier and more interesting to look at. As such, these books are also great for showcasing your works, creating a portfolio.

Why Get a Softcover Photo Book?

One reason would be to put your moments in order, neatly organising them in a stylish book you can have at your disposal at any time. Just think – it has the look and feel of a fancy flappable magazine! Another would be eternalising your favourite moments without fearing you would lose them in case your phone, laptop, or hard disc ever crashed beyond repair.

Why Get a Softcover Photo Book?

A photobook such as this is also great if you want to see the beauty of your photographs on paper, and get inspired for future endeavours with this hobby. Who knows, perhaps upon seeing them in physical shape, you might be motivated and inspired to pursue the hobby on a higher level and turn it into a profession, or at least create your own exhibition in a gallery someday.

Besides keeping your precious moments together, you could also help out a loved one or a friend do the same by creating their own photobook, or supply them with a copy of your own. That’s the beauty of this kind of gift – it’s special, and so much better and appreciated than regular gifts that might end up regifted, forgotten, or in the thrash. Moreover, it’s perfect as it solves the “what to give” dilemma to the person who has it all.