Storage Equipment: Our Tips for Efficiently Using Space in a Warehouse

By Maria Rogerson

February 8, 2019Industrial Equipment

Business is booming and you’re long past the days of keeping stock of a small inventory in a tight space. Congratulations on making it! But managing a busy warehouse is no easy business, right? The more stock coming in, the more difficult it is to properly store it and the more chaotic your warehouse can become. And in a messy and disorganized environment, no-one is able to be productive.

But how can you properly store all your inventory when more stock also means less available space? Well, if you implement smart storage solutions you won’t have to worry about lack of space. With a system of functional and reliable storage equipment, your warehouse can gain more storage capacity without sacrificing any floor space.

storage equipment

The basis of such a system should be custom-made solutions. Storage equipment such as custom-made shelving can help your business stay organized by providing as much storage space as possible while also keeping everything readily accessible. For instance, if loads are packed in containers that are 2×2 meters in size, the pallet rack should have shelves that reflect that size. However, over time the size of the things you keep in stock may change. In that case, adjustable shelving can prove to be a valuable investment that saves you from having to spend additional money on new shelving.

Additionally, adjustable shelving can allow you to add or remove more tiers depending on how your storage needs grow. You can extend your shelving in height as much as you like without affecting workers’ freedom of movement. By maximally using available vertical space you can save a lot of valuable floor space. And keeping your floors free from clutter is the best way to reduce the risk of tripping.

When using vertical storage, make sure that you have the necessary equipment to transport and stock things. With the help of forklifts and portable ladders, warehouse workers can easily and safely store and retrieve items. Keep in mind that some of the items you store may weigh significantly. For that reason, make sure to choose shelving that’s made of durable steel which can support heavy loads and protect your inventory from falling over and hurting workers.

If your warehouse stocks any flammable materials or toxic chemicals and gases, make sure that they are properly stored and enclosed in dangerous goods cabinets. These cabinets should be properly labelled, separate from traditional shelving and storage equipment, and only be accessible by authorized individuals.