A Few Tips on All of the Things a Thermal Camera Can be Used For

By Steve George

January 22, 2018Industrial Equipment

Visible light is the only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see, yet it takes up a relatively small area when compared to infrared radiation. While we cannot see IR (infrared radiation) with only the naked eye, there is specialized equipment that can let us do just that.

All object absorb, reflect and sometimes transmit thermal energy (heat) at different levels. Thermal cameras are devices that can translate the heat signatures into visible light in order to create a visual representation of an area or object. In basic terms, these cameras can create infrared pictures of whatever is being viewed through them, and this is actually a very useful tool to have in quite a few fields.

E95 Thermal Camera

For instance, many electricians use devices like the E95 thermal camera so that they can safely check for electrical defects and see which circuits on a switch board are using the most power. They are also very useful when checking if any components have or will inevitably overheat.

It can be used for much the same purpose by mechanics checking pumps and motors and discovering potential heat absorption and transmission problems before they burnout. Because they are handhelds, devices like the E95 thermal camera (or any other type for that matter) can also be used to go around and check the working machinery for things such as hydraulic system failures, inspecting heating and ventilation systems, and specific vehicle issues like exhaust leaks or overheated bearings.

Thermal cameras have also been used to great effect in the security field. They can find the location of people hidden in the dark or mist, or in smoke in the case of firefighters. They can detect specific gasses and protect people from potentially harmful leaks by catching them early. And of course, they are also very commonly used for surveillance purposes to monitor any property or area that might be unsuitable for regular cameras for any reason.

Unlikely as it may seem, thermal cameras have also found a useful place in medicine as well. They can gauge a patient’s skin temperature, be used to diagnose musculoskeletal problems and check for deep vein thrombosis and other circulatory problems. They are also essential in veterinary hospitals, since the patients there can’t exactly properly convey their problems.

There are a lot more things you could do with these sorts of cameras like checking the insulation or heater performance. They can even be used to check for termites. But, what is important is to know the difference between a thermal camera and a thermal camera phone app. While one is good for a laugh or showing off in front of friends, the other is a useful and sometimes even vital piece of equipment, and if you do need one, in no way can anything else replace a proper professional thermal camera.