Our Tips For Choosing a Leather Bed Frame

The basic function of a bed frame is to support the bed, right? True, but that’s not all. Bed frames can be a great focal point of the bedroom as well, hence so many different designs and styles. Admit that the first thing that draws your attention when you enter the bedroom is the bed frame design. You can’t help but lay your eyes on that strong, beautiful bed frame support. Bed frames offer two-in-one feature, functionality and design.

Buying a bed frame can be a bit of a hassle, since there are different types. Before you buy bed frames, know they come not only in different styles, but in different materials as well – metal, wooden and leather bed frames. Out of all three, it is the leather bed frame that is the most sought-after model lately. It’s durable, comfortable and above all, decorative. If you decide to go with a leather bed frame, consider the tips below to ensure the right decision.


Choose The Style

It’s much easier to choose a leather bed frame model when moving into a new house than choosing one when you already have few bedroom furniture pieces that limit your options. The style of the leather bed frame must match the existing decor of your bedrooms, if you want to create a place of comfort and serenity that is. Be consistent in your style. Leather bed frames perfectly fit the modern-styled bedrooms, but fail to deliver the same aesthetic results in traditional bedrooms.

Real vs Synthetic Bed Frames

Most people buy bed frames that match their budget. That’s one of the things that make a difference between a real leather and a synthetic bed frame. If you can afford it, do go with a real leather, otherwise opt for high-quality synthetic leather bed frames. Also, if you are not planning on changing your bed frame in the next 20 years, then do invest in a real leather bed frame. It will cost you more, but it is definitely a worthy investment in a long run as the material is durable. And it’s much easier to clean. Just wipe the frame with a clean cloth or use a cleaner that is specifically made to preserve the leather and prevent discoloration.


Types of Leather Beds

Leather bed frames come in several different styles. Each style offers advantages. Leather sleigh bed frames are perfect for those who enjoy larger headboards. They look pretty stylish too. Ottoman leather bed frames on the other hand, offer functionality along with style. They come with additional storage space underneath the mattress.

Consider Space

This is something that you should not disregard when buying leather bed frames. It’s important to measure your space before you buy bed frames, to make sure there’s enough space to move freely around the room.