Tips on how to maintain your car seat covers

By Steve George

April 9, 2013Cars


If are appalled by your car’s interior look and particularly concerned with that faded and messy look of your seats then you’re in a desperate need of car seat covers. Not only will you enhance your car’s interior, but will also protect your current seat covers. They are inexpensive way to protect your car from accidental coffee spills, smudged chocolates or stubborn ketchup stains.

With so many seat covers Australia to choose from, your options are endless. You can have your pick of design, style, color and material. Depending on your budget, you can choose from synthetic and wool seat covers to high-quality leather and even custom car seat covers. In any case, your car will always look well maintained. Seat covers are extremely durable, have long maintenance life and are easy to care for. Read on for few of our tips on how to maintain your car seat covers.

Be Consistent – Regular cleaning is a must. Try to wipe off any spilled drinks – the sooner the better. Also, collect any cracked foods or use your car vacuum to avoid bigger mess. It is best to clean your car’s interior after each drive, but that will not be possible even in movies. Lets face it, very few of us are car freaks and if we were to clean our cars once a week it would be perfect. Remember, the better you care for your car, the better it will serve you.

Pay Attention to Details – You should really give due importance to seat covers especially if you have gone little over your budget and pampered your car with custom seat covers. When cleaning, pay attention to details and be thorough. Don’t leave even the smallest of crumbs for next cleaning. Moreover, attend to any stains as soon as possible in order to keep your covers looking impeccable.

Take Regular Showers – Well figuratively speaking only. Try to hand-wash (probably the best option for custom car seat covers) or machine-wash your seat covers at least once a month or as needed. If you are a parent and drive your kids often, then you’ll probably have to use soap and mild water on your covers more often then you expect.

Regularly maintain your covers to improve your car’s interior as well as to eliminate unpleasant odors. Cleanliness and hygiene are very important in prolonging your car’s maintenance life and its performance in general.