Warehouse Storage Solutions: Efficient Space Saving Tips

By Steve George

March 17, 2015Industrial Equipment

In Australia, floor space of any kind, warehouse or office is getting pretty expensive. With that, wasting space for storing goods can be a waste of money. Can you image the costs you would have to face if you need to find a bigger place for your business just because there is not enough storage room?

Fortunately, there are some efficient warehouse storage solutions that can optimize your warehouse space while ensuring an easy access and superior efficiency. The key to finding the most suitable warehouse storage solutions for your available space lies in the type of goods you need to store and proper storing. Different warehouse storage solutions available on the market at the moment, can utilize components of your current storage system and allow adaptability according to your needs.


  • Use drawers and container storage for small parts: If your business deals with great number of smaller parts like for example screws or ball bearings, drawer storage that is segmented into bins makes an efficient storage solution. It can be integrated into regular shelving units making it easy for you to access your products and to better organize them.
  • Use vertical dividers: Keep your small goods organized with vertical dividers. Implementing dividers will enable you to stack more small goods on each shelf without having them falling over or taking the space of the entire shelf.
  • Add extra shelving: If your products vary in height, so should your shelves. There is no reason to keep all shelves spaced at the same height since your products are not all the same size. This adjustment can be implemented across rows and can save you lots of storage space.
  • Create more storage by using the ends of racks: Use the ends of storage racks as another source of storage space. Add a louver panel or a slat wall system to the end of the storage racks and place additional containers, shelves or hooks for storing products that you need to access frequently. Adding a small cantilever system at the ends of each rack is another extra storage solution.
  • Consider mobile shelving: Although fixed shelving is highly common, it tends to waste a considerable amount of space. That’s because it requires at least one meter for staff to walk between the rows. Shelving that slides or rolls on rails makes a great alternative. Able to slide against each other, more of such shelving units can be placed on the same floor space what makes mobile shelving one of the most efficient warehouse storage solutions.

Efficient warehouse storage solutions will not only save you on the cost associated with the expansion, but will also increase the productivity of your warehouse by providing a better organized working environment and an efficient running of the warehouse operation.