Winter Skin Care Tips: Specialists Recommend IPL Skin Rejuvenation

By Maria Rogerson

June 9, 2015Health & Beauty Skin care

As you age, your skin becomes more sensitive and prone to moisture loss, especially in winter. Although Melbourne has cool and not harsh winters, the city is known for its variable climate. Thus to deal with the low temperatures outside and the four-seasons-in-one-day weather, your skin needs an extra hand. Give it a lot of tender loving care including a professional treatment. The Melbourne skin care specialist recommend IPL skin rejuvenation treatment.

Since the introduction, IPL skin rejuvenation has been the it-treatment for youthful and glowing skin. Even dermatologists and Ipl skin rejuvenation Melbourne specialists have been astonished by the outstanding results this cutting-edge treatment offers in such a short time.


What IPL skin rejuvenation actually is and what it is used for?

A recent study published by the Stanford University regarding the benefits and the effects of IPL skin rejuvenation reported that this treatment alters the gene expression of the skin, resulting in a younger-looking skin. Also known as ‘photorejuvenation’, this genuine skin care treatment uses state-of-the-art IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology to make the skin imperfections perfect. As simple as that. Thanks to a non-invasive wavelength light pulsed onto the skin, the IPL skin rejuvenation has proved to be highly effective in successfully treating multiple skin conditions, including:

  • age and sun spots
  • enlarged pores
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • freckles
  • acne and acne scarring
  • redness of the skin (rosacea)
  • pigmented brown spots
  • improving the appearance of aged skin
  • delaying the signs of aging

IPL skin rejuvenation is one of those skin care treatments that should be done two to three times a year to get the natural-looking, healthy and well-maintained skin. Moreover, what renowned Ipl skin rejuvenation Melbourne specialists suggest is to have the treatment done during the winter months, since this is when the skin is more sensitive and prone to redness and dryness what can lead to acne, breakouts and wrinkles.

First and most important reason why to undergo this treatment in winter, is the effective and fast skin rejuvenation after the UV-induced DNA damage has accumulated, due to the overexposure to the sun in the summer. Second reason is to rejuvenate the dull skin. Everyone wants to look perfect for winter holidays and the magical IPL skin rejuvenation treatment can make this wish come true. Are you IN for an impeccable look for the upcoming holiday season?