Foolproof Tips: How To Choose Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers

If you are looking to extend the life of your outdoor furniture, look no further than waterproof outdoor furniture covers. They are truly your best bet as a protection from each season that brings different types of hazards upon your efforts to make the garden a lovely place for relaxation and having a piece of mind.

Never feel comfortable enough to leave the outdoor furniture unprotected, neither through the warmer months nor through the cold. In the name of all those fine and mellow mornings, afternoons and nights the outdoors have provided for us, the least we can do is to pay our dues by making sure it remains undamaged till the next outdoors wine and dine season.

Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers

To name a few of the many dangers, you’ll be exposing your furniture too if you fail to offer it the proper protection: intense sun rays, morning dew, insect pollination, showers and frost. Once you realize how important it is to cover up your outdoor furniture, you need to learn what to look for and how to select the best kind of protection that will be in accordance with your needs. The natural questions that immediately arise are material and size.


While throwing your first glances upon the different types of waterproof furniture covers, bare in mind that material comes first! Without a strong and durable cover, your furniture will become an easy target to the destructive forces of the surroundings. Look for materials that promise protection against leakage, heavy rain and scorching sun.

Materials that can withstand these expectations are the multilayered, nonwoven fabrics because they are both breathable and waterproof. Many of them also comprise UV protection.

Investing in less powerful outdoor patio furniture covers, usually made from polyester is clearly not the best idea. Why would you invest in something that is not going to protect what you already invested in? This is why you need to focus on quality, longevity and durability when choosing waterproof outdoor furniture covers that will, in turn, account for the prolonged life of your furniture.


Before you make a purchase, make sure that you are selecting the right size for your furniture. Even though it may say that it fits various pieces of furniture, do measure your items and compare the measurements with the ones are given in the store, or the online page where you’ve found the offer. You can even order custom made covers, made especially for your furniture, but if that sounds like too much of a drag to you, you can simply opt for the most similar measurements and utmost strength.