Our Tips for Buying RC Toys Online


January 21, 2016Toys

RC (radio control) toys are extremely popular not only among children but grown-ups as well. While some get into these toys while they are still in their childhood, others get to discover this hobby only after they become adults. If you too are a fan of RC toys and are looking for a new toy to add to your collection, here are some tips for buying RC toys online that will help you find the ideal toy to get the ultimate fun.

Picking the Right Model

Nowadays there are RC toy models that come pre-fabricated, like ready-to-drive race cars and models that you can build on your own. If you are an RC toy enthusiastic, you can even use a remote control module, with construction sets to design your own toy. But few limitations define what kind of toys and kits RC systems can operate. So, before you buy your RC toy online, you should decide first on the model and the type of the vehicle.


Model Classes

RC toys usually imitate real-life vehicles. However, you can operate anything you want using RC toys. Common types of RC toys include:

  • Cars – These are the most popular RC toys. They imitate real-life service vehicles, pickup-trucks and race cars, but can also incorporate fantasy elements from famous comics, cartoons, etc. RC cars carry their own power source, using either small internal combustion engines or batteries.
  • Boats – Boats are some of the first types of RC vehicles. They are divided into scale models that range from 30cm to 3meters long and from racing boats to sailing boats. Like RC cars, toy boats house their own electric or liquid fuel source.
  • Aircraft – There are various different types of RC airplanes, helicopters, jets, gliders, bird models and blimps. And today, due to modern innovations, they can imitate all kinds of flight patterns. There are some models that even require specific certification because they can reach speeds over 320 KPH using propane as fuel.


Operating Ranges

The range at which you are able to control a RC toy depends on the transmission hardware. Powerful transmissions can reach the unit from larger distances, but they require more battery power as well. For systems that have feedback, such as camera-equipped blimps or helicopters, the power limitations become even more apparent. So, you need to keep in mind that toys that go fast usually run out of power faster too.

RC Grade

It is important to choose the right toy for your intended usage. When looking for RC toys online, you will find that they come in two categories: hobby grade and toy grade.

  • Toy Grade – Designed to be appropriate for kids, these toys feature very few small parts that are protected by internal housing and can withstand moderate levels of abuse. Plus they come with very simple circuits and are limited in terms of models.
  • Hobby Grade – These grade toys are more serious hobby items. They often come in modules or kits that you can build, tune and upgrade. If you are a racing enthusiast, you will enjoy the ability to make such adjustment performances to your car, airplane or boat. However, one of the drawbacks of these models is that they tend to get damaged much easier and are far more expensive.