Tips For Bohemian Decorating


October 20, 2015Home & Decor

Want to decorate your home in a unique way, but don’t know where to start from? Well, if you are a person who has an artistic side and likes to experiment and explore with different décor styles, then bohemian decor is definitely what you should go with.

Bohemian decor style is for those who like to live unconventional lives and like mixing textures, patterns and colours without putting attention to current trends. Simply said, it’s for those who want their homes to feel first of all, comfortable; for those who love life, culture and interesting things.


Here’ how you too can create a bohemian-style home using some of the features that define the gypsy style yet make it completely unique.

1. Colours

When it comes to bohemian decor, there are no strict rules you need to follow. However, warm earth colours are quite popular, as are metallics. You can go with terra cotta, brown, gold and other colours in that pallet. Jewel tones such as fiery orange, electric blue and saturated purple are common for accessories like art and tapestries.

The secret to using colour in bohemian decor is to think warm. White is a big no-no. Actually, you should mix lots of patters and don’t be be concerned with mixing colours that wouldn’t necessarily match in a conventional style. Be creative!

2. Materials

It is all about mixing and matching. For example, natural materials like sisal and burlap are good choices; mix them with silk and chenilles. The secret here is to pick materials that have a slightly worn out look. And let’s not forget the fringe, everything can be adorn with fringe, from curtains to lampshades and pillows.

3. Furniture

A bohemian room should have lots of furniture collected over time. Vintage and secondhand items are perfect. And no need to worry about the size and shape. Each piece should be unique and have a story to tell regardless of what it looks like.

4. Accessories

The accessories you get for your bohemian-style room should tell something about you, your style and personality. They can be vintage bottles, ornate boxes, mismatched china, maps, etc. Bohemians are known as adventurers and wanderers; they love to travel, so the accessories should reflect exactly this – free spirit, no or few ties and no set rules.

If bohemian decor sounds more chaotic than glamorous, know it’s not. Feel free to use ornate gold mirrors and drippy crystal chandeliers to add glamor to your bohemian room. Remember, there are no rules. Wait, there is one – ‘Every item in a bohemian room should tell a story!’