What to Look For in Graphics Calculators


January 18, 2016Electronics

From endless algebra tasks, to geometry and advanced calculus – nothing goes smoothly and easily without the use of a graphic calculator. And since it has become such an important item in your school bag as well as in many office desks, you should carefully consider which one of the vast palette of graphics calculators you will choose: a Texas Instruments one, a Casio or an HP? Whichever it is, make sure the one you pick is a combination of these factors:


1.Techical aspects

From this point of view, the perfect calculator would have a large amount of RAM for performing calculations fast and providing graphing speeds. Among the ones in the vast offer in online and offline store you will find calculators that work on RAM and then some that use RPN or reverse polish notation. Also, check the screen resolution and the input styles as these also matter for a smooth calculating experience.


A graphing calculator is supposed to serve you a lot and for quite some time, so it definitely has to have a long lifespan. This means it should be able to withstand being carried in a backpacks and school purses. It should at least come with a protectve case so that it does not get scratched or does not crack in your backpack.

3.Easy to use

You will know that a calculator is easy to use if the main mathematical operations are easy to reach and are not buried under a dozen of falling menus. Plus, the button layout should be ergonomic, user-friendly and easy to read. And if you can get buttons that do not have the numbers enscribed on them with the type of paint that fades after using it for some time, that is just another plus. Additionally, the readout on the display should be clear and in high-contrast.


Make no mistake, graphics calculators are not ordinary calculators performing only a few math operations; these are highly sophisticated devices and as such should come along with a user’s manual and documentation for ownership among which should be a warranty. If at some point, you need to service your graphic calculator, you should be able to turn to a specialized service personnel. And if that is not available, I would not recommend you to buy that particular calculator. Go for a calculator that comes with a warranty.