Bakery Equipment Tips: What You Need to Start Your Own Business

By Steve George

January 15, 2021Industrial Equipment

Starting a new business from scratch is never easy. But, this isn’t a reason to give up your dream. If you’re a talented baker who does miraculous things with dough, and now you want to explore this area and see how far you can go, don’t hesitate to start your own bakery.

Of course, besides your talent and dedication to work, there are several other things that a bakery requires. First of all, you will have to find your own space (unless you plan to start working from home). But even in that case, you will need certain bakery equipment.

electric dough mixer


Since the pandemic has got most of us shopping from home, you’re probably looking to buy bakery equipment online and take advantage of the attractive deals. But because the online food equipment market is so vast, you might be overwhelmed by the plethora of things available for a small bakery business. Don’t think that you need to buy everything. These are the crucial machines you need in the beginning. As your business grows, you can always upgrade.

Food Processor

Everything you used to do by hand while baking at home will increase by tenfold in the bakery. This means that if you decide to crush chocolate or nuts by hand, you will need days and probably a good hand massage afterwards. A food processor will help you process the food within a few seconds and save you time that you can use on other important things. Also, you should keep your energy as much as possible, because this is a serious job that will require you to be at your best.

Food processors are excellent for dough preparation as well. The sharp blades will cut butter into the dough with perfect precision (it won’t melt during the process). No matter how much you enjoy doing with your hands, the first thing you will need in your bakery is a food processor.

Baker’s Rack & Baking Sheets



Bakers racks and sheets are necessary but not in the small size you use at home. You will need to get a least ten baking sheets (45x66cm) with three or more racks. You’ll also need sheet cake pans, muffin tins, pie and round cake pans.

Your finished goodies will cool on the racks, allowing you free space for the new baked things. You can go with mobile racks because you can move them around in the kitchen and still have free space to do other things. Get a multi-shelf stationary cooling rack in case you’re starting on a tight budget.


commercial oven bakery equipment

When buying bakery equipment online and starting a bakery, one of the first things to focus on is finding the right oven. It should be durable, efficient and able to bake your goods evenly. You can start with a small convection oven that can get a maximum of five sheet pans. If your budget and space allow, get a double rack oven that will allow you to bake at two different temperatures at the same time. This is a smart investment if you’re planning to make artisan bread, for example.

Be sure to measure the space in your bakery before getting the oven. Also, consider the way the doors will open (it’s crucial for putting the dough in and out without problems). Consider whether it would be a gas or electricity oven (gas is cheaper which might be important for your budget at the beginning).


Next on the list are commercial dough mixers. They are the foundation in this business. A tabletop stand mixer will help you work the batter and dough faster. If there’s enough space in your new bakery, you can get a floor mixer too which can help you make larger quantities of dough at once, saving you precious time. Hand mixers are needed as well, for creams, sauces, meringues and other toppers.

Mixing Bowl & Baking Pan

Mixing bowls are needed as well, just like spatulas and spoons. How many of these are necessary? Do your maths and get them, unless you want to mix one thing, and then rush to wash it all up, so you can mix another thing.
baking pan hands cooking

You can’t do anything without baking pans and you should have enough of each type to meet your orders. In fact, you should buy more than you need at the beginning since dough ‘works its own ways’. You might need two pans for a batch of croissants today, but tomorrow you might only use one for the same amount. You have to be prepared and ready for any situation and of course, your business will grow, so why not invest in pans at the very beginning.

Proofing Boxes

When working with yeast dough, you’ll need a proofing box. This machine is excellent to allow the dough to rise at the right temperature. Proofing boxes come different sizes, so get the one that fits both your needs and budgets. Some may also include a regarding function, so consider whether you will need this or not.

Dry Storage & Refrigerators

You will need proper storage for the dry ingredients such as flour or sugar, but also the small wares in your kitchen. These things should be protected in a dry place, kept clean and shouldn’t stay in your working area and clutter your countertops.

Every baker works with milk, eggs, and cream (mainly). These things must always be stored in the refrigerator to stay fresh. Be sure you get a reliable refrigerator where you’ll keep these things. If you’re planning to sell cookies and cakes, you will need an industrial-size freezer to keep everything fresh and cool. Also, in such freezers, you can store the cookie dough. In general, these freezers are large (room-sized) and can accommodate a big number of cakes and cookies.