4 Best Gifts for Someone Who Likes Baking and Cooking

By Maria Rogerson

May 10, 2023Gifts

The culinary world is undoubtedly an exciting and imaginative realm that is filled with possibilities. Some of us like to experiment a little more with flavours and recipes than others, but it’s the passion of a real foodie that deserves recognition. Even if you’re not one to take risks in the kitchen, you can still enjoy the established formulas for sweet and savoury treats in an equally fulfilling way.

But at the heart of both types of cooking lies the need for quality tools and ingredients. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced baker, having the right equipment to turn your vision into reality holds the key to producing a successful dish. So, if you have someone who loves to engage in the art of baking and cooking, there are a handful of items that can make the whole experience much easier and enjoyable.

What to Get Someone Who Likes Baking and Cooking?

While the way we approach cooking can be vastly different, some tools have a universal appeal for all, no matter the level of experience. They’re as practical as they are functional and serve as an excellent gift for any foodie enthusiast.

Personalised Apron

Who says waiters and chefs are the only ones who get to experience the full culinary look? Why shouldn’t the rest of us have the chance to feel just as professional and protect our normal clothes at the same time? This is why resilient and fully customisable apron gifts are so popular among those who love to cook. Fun and unique, they bring the same level of joy and pride as the dishes they create.

personalised aprons
Source: vistaprint.com.au

For the most part, these aprons feature the same practicality and comfort of the traditional model, with a fully covered front and adjustable straps around the neck and waist. They’re normally made from a variety of materials, including cotton and canvas, offering long-lasting durability.

The cotton variety is certainly a sought-after option, with its breathable features and attractive designs. On the other hand, canvas gift aprons bring a more robust quality to the table with their thicker fabric layers and waterproof coating. They’re not necessarily better than the cotton variant, but they do offer an additional layer of protection.

As far as personalisation goes, the full-colour spectrum is available for custom-made aprons from lighter shades like baby blue and pink to darker colours such as black and navy. You can use the same material on the straps, with either the same colour or even a contrasting hue.

Plus, you can get the name of the recipient or a phrase of choice printed in bold lettering across the material, giving it a more thoughtful touch. Finally, some apron gifts even feature pockets on the side, providing a convenient place to store tools and ingredients while cooking. All of this comes beautifully wrapped in a reusable pouch that looks a lot like a tote bag, with long straps for one-handed carrying and a wide opening for easy access.

Cookbooks and Recipe Subscription Boxes

Cooking books are, of course, an excellent idea if you want to get someone a gift that will last them for years. They’re a never-ending source of inspiration and have the added benefit of being very affordable.

That said, if you want something a little more special and memorable, then recipe subscription boxes offer a fantastic blend of convenience and variety. A box like this contains a selection of ingredients and recipes that are tailored to the recipient’s preferences, be it vegetarian dishes or international cuisine.

This type of subscription is an absolute lifesaver for busy people who lack the time and energy to source ingredients on their own. Not only does it save them the hassle of grocery shopping, but it also adds a sense of surprise and excitement when they open the box and find everything ready to go.

Cooking Tools and Accessories

The real heroes of the culinary process, however, lie in the tools and accessories used to prepare and serve food. These items have immense practical value and take the whole cooking experience to new heights.

baking tools
Source: bhg.com

The most common categories of cooking tools are utensils, containers, cutlery, and kitchen gadgets. In terms of utensils, you can get everything from whisks and spatulas to ladles and tongs. In the case of containers, there are reusable storage solutions for dry and wet ingredients, while cutlery comes in the form of sets or individual pieces like knives, forks, and spoons.

Finally, the technological aspect of cooking depends mainly on the specific dishes the recipient likes to make. Whether they need barbecue accessories or a high-end food processor, you’d have to ask them or do some research on different products.

Specialty Ingredients and Spices

Have you ever seen the recipient taste a dish that was so good, they wanted to replicate it at home? And when they find out the recipe, they realise that it requires a few obscure ingredients or spices that can be hard to track down?

While the possibility of making a dish from scratch is certainly exciting, the ingredients often become a real obstacle. Sometimes they’re not available at all, and in other cases, they can be quite expensive.

This is the exact reason why foodies appreciate a good collection of specialty ingredients and spices. You can get them from specific stores or online, with some providers even offering subscription boxes that guarantee a steady supply month after month.