Buying Considerations – Our Tips for Choosing Pop Up Shower Tents

By Maria Rogerson

September 2, 2019Camping

We’re all aware of the fact that public camping showers can be dirty and unsanitary. But imagine camping in the wilderness with no shower facilities available at all. It seems like a nightmare, right? However, in today’s modern-day and age you shouldn’t worry about such thing as there is an ideal solution – pop up shower tents.

pop up shower tent

Unlike public camping showers, personal shower tents are clean and easy to use. Taking into consideration the fact that it is not recommended to bathe in lakes or rivers, as your soap and shampoo can be harmful to the natural aquatic life, a shower tent can be the perfect choice to stay fresh and clean on your adventures.

Features of shower tents

When it comes to pop up shower tents, probably one of the most important features in order for them to be suitable for travelling is portability. You can carry them in a convenient bag as well, thanks to the ability to collapse down to a compact size. Being simple to set up, you will be able to take a shower in seconds. This shower tent is usually made of polyester that guarantees waterproofness and opaqueness.

It’s highly durable as well because its frame is made from steel that is flexible enough to endure many uses. Another important feature not to be underestimated is the ventilation system. Shower tents usually come with zippered windows that ensure proper air circulation. Moreover, this type comes with a removable floor that will keep your feet clean. You definitely won’t have any trouble using this tent in public and if you use the removable opaque roof, you can get an extra level of privacy.

shower tent

Things to consider when buying a shower tent

  • Pop up assembly: Pop up shower tents can open in the blink of an eye, which makes them super easy to use. Once opened, you only need to stake the tent into the ground to secure it.
  • Shelves or hooks: When buying a shower tent, consider whether it has inbuilt hooks where your shower device can hang from. Keep in mind that they need to be strong enough to take the weight of a 5-gallon solar shower bag.
  • Mesh storage bags: You won’t have to worry about leaving your hygiene products on the ground. These bags are really helpful because they enable you to easily reach your shampoo and soap.
  • Towel hangers: Hanging rails can be considered a true necessity and not a luxury during camping, so why don’t you choose a shower tent equipped with hanging rails that you can access through zip openings? You can hang your towel on them to keep it dry.
  • Water capture tray: This is a handy feature, especially if the campground does not allow shower runoff. Its function is to capture the water which can be safely deposited elsewhere.