Double Roller Blinds: Our Tip for Refreshing Your Home

By Maria Rogerson

January 12, 2018House & Garden

We’ve all felt that itch to change something in our homes in order to make it look fresher and up to date. Adding a little bit of novelty can go a long way design wise, whether it’s a brand new furniture piece, a pillow, or a rug. And sometimes it’s blinds that can do the trick. The wonderful thing about blinds is that they have the unique ability to refresh both the interior as well as the exterior part of the home, and can add a layer of cosiness and elegance to any setting.

Double Roller Blinds

If you’re looking for a modern and innovative window treatment to beautify your home, I’d suggest getting dual roller blinds. Why? Simply because they are the most versatile blinds ever invented, giving you the unique opportunity to have two different and separate designs on the same window. Normally, double roller blinds are made of one blind in a sunscreen or translucent fabric, and a second blind with a 100% blackout fabric that prevents light from getting through. Everyone who’s been on the quest for roller blinds knows how tough it is to settle for a single option, and the double design solves this problem by giving you the best of both worlds – complete privacy and light control.

When it comes to the design of the fabrics, you have the freedom to choose any colour and pattern you like and have your blinds custom made. You can pick out a look that wonderfully matches the furniture, or you can go for a completely different style if your room can benefit from some stylish contrast. And since it’s totally possible, why not get both, and switch between the two separate blinds whenever you want to. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish!

And just like with most window blinds, double rollers give you the option for a DIY installation. This is great, since it means you can save some money. Unfortunately, many people lack the confidence and courage to do so or think that two blinds means double the work. But in fact, the process is not much different than fitting a standard type of roller blinds. The first thing you should do is ask your dealer to give you detailed instructions on how to install double roller blinds because control mechanisms can vary from one design to another.

It’s always good to stick to the unwritten rule of measuring twice, as this can save you great deal of nerves and money on re-adjustments. Avoid making general decisions based on one window, and always measure all the windows you’re planning to dress, regardless whether you’re sure they’re the same in size. And lastly, make sure that you know how to install double roller blinds for your particular type of mount. There are two types of mounts – inside and outside, and what you pick should not only be based on your preference, but on your windows’ design as well.