9 Essential Stationery Supplies for Your Day-To-Day Small Business Operations

By Maria Rogerson

April 4, 2023Office Equipment

Even though offices have gone almost entirely paperless and adopted different advanced technologies, office supplies and stationery are still important and beneficial today. You may believe they are inconsequential, but they are utilised around the office, including at your desk and in conference rooms.

Imagine not having a pen to sign documents or write down notes, or a proper drawer in which to store your documentation. Utilizing such stationery can facilitate and expedite simple chores such as correcting typos and organising paperwork.

Hence, it is essential to provide your office with a sufficient amount of stationery products. In light of this, what are the essential office supplies you must have? Check out these 9 essentials that you should consider having in your office or workplace according to the nature of your business.

1. Retractable Ballpoint Pens

Retractable ballpoint pen
source: aliexpress.com

Simple to use, retractable ballpoint pens require only a single click to become operational. In contrast to retractable pens, there is no need to worry about losing or locating the cap. Losing the pen’s cap can result in the ink drying out or leaking, which is an inconvenience.

2. Paper

office paper
source: lavanguardia.com

The necessity of these goods in any office may appear clear. What office can function without paper? Even if you work in a “paperless” workplace and conduct most of your job online, you will still need a supply of quality paper to take notes and print documents. And most importantly, contracts and agreements must be printed out and signed manually.

3. Enclosed Invoice Envelopes and Doculopes

Invoice envelope and doculope
source: rtmediasolutions.com.au

When it comes to major contracts and agreements, keeping them in a protective invoice enclosed envelope boosts visibility, productivity, and the recipient’s credibility and trust. This allows you to enhance earnings, create customer relationships, brand the company, and deliver the message in a secure and professional manner.

And did you know that an envelope with a distinctive brand logo is more likely to be opened? A pile of regular White and Manilla envelopes is really mundane, correct? By customising your print and design and applying it on your invoice enclosed envelope you may add personality to an otherwise plain object. When you send direct mail in marketing, it is not just your envelope that shows up in the recipient’s mailbox; you are competing with a number of other companies for the customer’s attention.

4. Notebooks

Office notebooks
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Whether you’re writing notes for a meeting or just need anywhere to scribble down your regular to-do list, a notebook will undoubtedly come in handy. There is a vast range of notebooks in the market, but the best ones are a ring- or spiral-bound pad. Conventional glued or stapled spines leave severe creases along the bound edge of a notebook. Over time, this might cause the papers to tear and fall apart.

5. Stackable Paper Tray

Stackable paper tray
source: amazon.com

Desks in every office are typically crowded with stacks of paperwork and mounds of paper. Thus, the tiered paper tray is essential for any desk. Comparable to a physical representation of your inbox, a tiered paper tray lets you arrange any paperwork you have, similar to how email folders help you organise your messages.

Mail, critical contracts, and your to-do list may be sorted and organised into manageable heaps. The stackable design of the paper tray maximises work space by taking up less room while storing a variety of documents.

6. Correction Tape

Correction tape
source: mainfreeov.com

For those instances that you’ve made errors while writing, scribbling over your faults can make your work look sloppy. As a result, your work may become incomprehensible to the reader. To make your documents look beautiful and neat, you’ll need a handy correction tape.

Correction tape is a white, transparent masking substance that slides easily over a piece of paper which may entirely cover printer and pen ink. There are numerous advantages to utilising correction tape over correction fluid. It is possible for correction fluid to spill, overflow, or spread on a page. It also necessitates drying time and may deteriorate the paper over time.

7. Industrial Stapling Machine

Heavy duty stapler
source: superoxy.life

Small staplers are adequate for attaching two or three sheets of paper, but only a heavy-duty stapling machine will do for enormous stacks of documents. In fact, a quality heavy-duty stapler can quickly secure up to 210 sheets at once. In contrast to small hand-held staplers, they will bind your documents without causing creases, broken staples, or the stapler itself to break!

8. Laminator

source: amazon.com.au

A laminator is necessary if you have important documents that you wish to safeguard from damage. The laminator provides a barrier against moisture, stains, and fingerprints, as well as prevents tearing and folding. Lamination not only preserves the material’s quality but also lends your documents an air of professionalism.

9. Cut-Through Shredder

cut through shredder
source: pcmag.com

A shredder is essential for keeping your office, as well as the information of your staff and clients, secure. How so? The basic shredder can aid in preventing sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Typically, offices have a separate trash can for confidential documents. Yet, these files are easily retrievable. Thus, it is absolutely crucial that such information is destroyed properly and securely at the conclusion of each business day.