Healthy Office Means Happy Employees: Here’s What to Do

By Maria Rogerson

September 6, 2018Office Equipment

It’s becoming known worldwide that traditional offices are taking their toll on the employees’ health. This makes it impossible for all of the office workers to have healthier lives since they spend at least eight hours per day in those environments.

Luckily, there is a way out and it doesn’t have to do with changing jobs: all it takes is making the office a healthier place! Despite what it may seem, offices as we knew them were full of hazards, same as any workplace, just not your typical hazards.

Mind the Furniture

Office Furniture

Sedentary lifestyle leads to stress which in turn leads to lack of productiveness, and eventually health issues that result in more sick leaves, so it affects employees physically and mentally. The way to start promoting health is by introducing commercial office furniture that’s ergonomic and space-savvy.

Such furniture makes for a functional work area, and where there’s functionality there’s productiveness. This can mean having sit stand desks with enough storage compartments that also allow wire management as well as alternating between sitting and standing, of course paired with ergonomic chairs to promote proper posture.

For best outcome, it’s advisable to stand at least every half an hour to an hour of work to prevent the drawbacks of sitting. If you have a specific commercial office furniture project, you can get the help of professionals who have experience with delivering office fitouts.

This can include designs that meet your specific business needs, like desk dividers in high-traffic areas to prevent noise from being a distraction, and the accessories that would add to ergonomics and enable a work area free of clutter, such as monitor arms, foot rests, and paper holders.

Mind the Atmosphere

How often is it that we forget the importance of air quality? An office with poor ventilation, poor air quality, and temperature below or above 20 to 24 °C won’t ensure the atmosphere an employee needs to be productive.

Apart from the necessary ventilating system, you can add to the quality of the air by having purifying plants around, and you won’t be short of options. The peace lily, snake plant, spider plant, English ivy and devil’s ivy are just some of the choices recommended. Besides, plants bring about greenery needed for the sore office eyes.

Speaking of eyes, it’s important to use as much of natural light as possible, strategically positioning desks near windows, and when working at night, it’s best to do so accompanied by desk lighting that doesn’t lead to eye-strain.