Our Tips for Staying Organised from 9 to 5 and Beyond

By Maria Rogerson

December 19, 2022Office Equipment

For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned.

– Benjamin Franklin

And this quote doesn’t even begin to cover all the benefits that come with being organised. Talking about increased focus, efficiency, and productivity on the job, but also reduced stress and anxiety once you close your laptop. The fuss and clutter in the office have sneaky ways of undermining your success on the job, and they can reflect negatively on your personal life as well. So how does one bring order to chaos?

One Bag to Rule Them All

Man is putting stuff for work in his Work Backpack
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How can a bag help you lead a more organised 9 to 5 life? That’s easy, it’s one ultimate bag that you religiously carry Monday to Friday. Or in this case, a dedicated work backpack that makes your mornings less fussy and your 5 o’clock bolt for freedom speedier.

Don’t you just hate it when you switch your bag to match your outfit only to find that you left your keys in the other one? And according to a guy named Murphy—it’s a downward spiral from there. Next thing you know, you’re rushing back home to find said keys, your clothes get caught on the door handle as you make a run for your wallet (good thing you noticed), and by the time you’re back in the office your coffee’s cold, and you’re late, yet again.

If you had a classic office backpack that agrees with everything in your wardrobe, this wouldn’t have been an issue. For instance, a simple and minimalist model in a neutral colour that effortlessly melds with any outfit so you can always carry it. Don’t get me wrong, there are some seriously sleek and elegant designer work backpacks out there. They may be simple, but they’re anything but basic in terms of design and style.

Why a backpack and not a shoulder bag? Because it’s more comfortable and better for your posture. Since the pack rests on your back with two straps, its weight is evenly distributed across your body, allowing your strongest upper body muscles to join forces and carry it.

In terms of functionality, a purpose-designed work backpack usually features plenty of storage space with dedicated compartments and pockets for your laptop, phone, charger, notebooks, water bottle, wallet, keys, and other must-have EDC items. This allows you to stay organised, even on the go, with every little thing having its own space while being easily accessible. And, if you choose a pack with fewer pockets, you can always add more.

Woman in white coat wearing black work backpack
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Man is wearing green work backpack
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Inner Carry Bags

Remember that unpleasant situation from earlier? Now imagine if you had your key all along but it was hiding under a bunch of receipts. All that hassle for nothing. You almost tear your favourite blouse, for God’s sake! That’s why upgrading your pack with an inner carry bag is a smart move. Not only that’ll keep important bits and bobs easily discoverable, but it’ll also protect them from hitting or rubbing each other in the vastness of the pack.

Pencil Case

If you have a soft spot for beautiful pens, pencils and other office accessories, chances are you have more than enough. Adding a practical pencil case to your pack is a great way to keep these items secure and neatly arranged. Plus, have you ever stabbed your finger on a sharp pencil while looking for something in the bag? Ouch!

Farewell Overstuffed Pockets

Man with flip case holding his credit card
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Not only does this mess up your outfit, but it’s also a recipe for losing valuable items. Have you ever forgotten to empty your pockets and washed an important note? That sucks. Have you ever thrown away a cash bill instead of a wrapper? That’s a shame. Have you ever had a mini heart attack after you couldn’t feel your credit card in there? That’s the worst!

If you carry a bunch of things in your pockets, it’s important to have them organised to avoid dealing with many unpleasant situations. For instance, you can buy a slimline flip-case wallet that holds your notes, cards, and cash safe and sound without adding a bump in your pocket.

So Long Desk Clutter

Why is staying organised important? Once again, for the people in the back—it allows you to streamline work processes and focus on the job. Staying concentrated is practically impossible when there’s clutter and mess distracting you. A clean and tidy desk is the bare minimum for a pleasant working environment.

But, keeping all those gadgets, accessories and paperwork at bay is a tough challenge without the right tools. Some of the easy desk upgrades that can help you stay away from the brink of clutter are:

Organised office desk
source: bestlifeonline.com
  • Desk mats – for creating a clean immediate environment
  • Desk organisers – for storing office tools and accessories
  • Pencil cups – for keeping pens and pencils accessible yet out of the way
  • Cable holders – for hiding unsightly cords
  • Work folios – for preventing paper build-up
  • Clipboards – for keeping your to-do lists, notes and tasks front and centre

Hello Dear Diary

bunch of diaries with pencil with them
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Ask the most efficient and punctual people you know “What is the key to being organised?” and 9 out of 10 times the answer will be planning. Developing this sole skill won’t only help you stay afloat in your busy schedule, but it’ll also make reaching goals, no matter how big or small, much easier.

Whether you’re tasked with the hard work of organising a conference, or you’re just meal prepping for the week ahead, a solid plan will help you tackle each step with greater confidence and efficiency. But a plan is just a thought unless you put it down somewhere. Although your phone, tablet or laptop will do just fine, there’s something so satisfying about that pen on paper longhand.

If you’ve never grown out of love for those beautiful notebooks, diaries, and journals, now you have the perfect excuse for adding yet another one to your collection—but this time, make sure you use it.

Closing Thoughts

Woman giving a gift for her office partner
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All of these things will help you get your EDC, desk and thoughts organised, but do you know what else they can do? They can make corporate gift-giving a breeze. With the holiday season already upon us, you may be wondering what to get for your clients, employees, or colleagues. Stationery and office accessories that’ll make their jobs and lives easier are always a good idea. Bonus points if you go the extra mile and have your gifts customised.