Our Tips for Sending Creative Corporate Christmas Gifts

By Maria Rogerson

December 2, 2020Gifts

close up picture of corporate christmas gift

It’s been a long year for all of us. We faced many challenges and learned how to adjust to the new normal. Companies, employers and employees all over the world tried to do their best to keep their jobs and keep their businesses going. Most people shifted to working from home and learned how to balance their job and home duties. And yes, this will be the year all of us will remember as the year that changed the world as we knew it. 

But, hey, ’tis the holiday season and it’s time to do some (online) holiday shopping and spread the joy. 

If you’re an owner of a business, you know just how important your team is for the proper functioning of your company. Whether you’re managing a small group or are overseeing hundreds of people around the globe, sending creative corporate Christmas gifts is a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. 

Knowing your employees and partners can make it easier for you to choose holiday gifts that they will like. And while every office is different, there are certain profiles of people that can be found in almost every company. The computer geeks, the fashion-forward secretaries and the copy crew that is just obsessed with good food and chocolate delicacies. Here are some ideas on what to send your colleagues this Christmas.

Edible Treat Box

edible treat box

The holiday season is ideal for indulging in our favourite sweets and chocolate delicacies without feeling guilty. And what better way to wish your employees a merry Christmas than by sending them corporate holiday gifts in the form of aesthetically-designed treat boxes filled with mouth-watering sweet delights?

Just browse the online market and you will come across a variety of shops selling creative corporate Christmas gifts, making it easier for you to pick the ones that you know your colleagues will adore. You can pick from gourmet doughnut gift boxes, Australian chocolate gift boxes, or anything in between. You can also add to the box a small bottle (or two) of Australian crafted gin for the ultimate holiday cheer.

Delicious Drinks

christmas beer gift with snacks

The holiday season is the ideal period to surprise your teammates with a delicious alcoholic drink. We all love bubbly champagne, or sweet red wine, some imported beer, or even a box of tasty gin. The market offers various options specially made for such occasions, so you can easily find the one you know your employees will love. Add to this mix tall glasses with your company’s logo on them so that your employee can share the joy with their loved ones.

Home Office Accessories

ergonomic mouse pad with notebook

For most people, this year has turned our homes into our offices. Show your gratitude and love to the people who have done their best to adapt to the new normal with a practical gift. You can send them a stack of cool notebooks, a planner, an ergonomic mouse and mouse pad, a practical desk lamp and similar.  

A Hoodie

guy on a filed with gray hoodie

Who doesn’t love the comfort of a soft and cozy hoodie? Help your employees stay warm while working from home by sending them a hoodie. You can print the logo of your company or an internal joke that you and your employees often laugh about and you have a great gift. Ask your employees for the specific size of hoodies they wear, as well as about their preferred colour. This could be their new casual wear for all those missed casual Fridays at work. 

Money Tree

picture of money tree plant

There is a plant known as Money Tree (although we wish it was an actual money tree) and it can be the ideal gift for people who love taking care of plants. This is a superb idea to give to your employees or partners, and wish them a prosperous and fruitful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Featuring glossy, lush leaves and a braided trunk, the Chinese money tree is believed to bring wealth and luck. Plus, it adds vitality to any space and it is known to be an excellent air-purifier! Talk about a great gift for your employees!

A Beauty Hamper

beaauty hamper

This is the best time of the year to surprise your employees with a beauty hamper. This could be a nice collection of homemade soaps, a soft towel, a pair of home slippers, a scented candle and a hand cream. You can do this even for the guys in your company by creating a hamper that contains products like aftershave, shampoo, a lip balm and a towel as well. You can also add essential oils for relaxation in the hampers for both guys and girls to help them relax during the holiday season.