Grow a Greener World with Self-Watering Planters: Create an Urban Oasis No Matter How Small the Space

By Maria Rogerson

January 11, 2022House & Garden

Adding plants in our home is one of the easiest ways to make our place look more lively and appealing to our eyes. However, the benefits of having greenery inside your home go beyond the good looks. Many studies have confirmed the fact that plants act as natural powerhouses that can clean up the air we breathe and improve our overall health and mood.

Do you also love the idea of having your own garden, but you think you don’t have the time and space to properly care for your plants? Well, this is a major concern for many people and a big obstacle considering the huge amount of responsibilities we have on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, not many of us are blessed to live in houses that have huge gardens with lots of greenery inside. If you find this idea entertaining, you may want to consider the usage of self-watering planters that can help you create your urban oasis no matter how small your space. 

What Are The Things We Need to Consider in Urban Gardening?

There are six vital sources that are crucial to consider before you decide to engage in urban gardening yourself. These include space, seed, soil, sunlight, water, and the choice of containers. All of them are equally important for achieving the desired results. Still, in this article, we’ll have a look at one particular aspect separately, and that is the choice of modern garden planters.

How Do Self-Watering Planters Work and How to Choose Them Right? 

how do self-watering planters work

Choosing the right type of self-watering planter requires considering some of the most important features that are associated with these kinds of planters. From knowing how they work to choosing the best design, material, shape, and size, you can learn all about them and choose a model that suits your taste and space requirements.

The Principle of Work 

Self-watering planters’ sub-irrigation system enables them to absorb water whenever they need it. This means you can water them once and your plant will have enough water for days or weeks on end. These modern garden planters consist of a growing bed, potting soil, water reservoir, and wicking system that puts the soil in contact with the water, maintaining consistent levels of moisture.

The Design

design of self-watering planters

Thanks to their contemporary design, UV protection, and hard-wearing construction, these pots can stand the test of time. They are sturdy, safe, and environmentally friendly. Moreover, they are usually made from injection-moulded, HDPE, UV, BPA-free, corrosion-resistant, food-safe, and recyclable materials. 

The modern garden planters’ unique designs will enable you to cultivate your flowers, herbs, and even veggies with ease. Due to their enclosed structure, over-watering is avoided which doesn’t allow the nutrients of the soils to get washed away but to remain preserved in the soil. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes for indoor and outdoor usage. 

Size and Shape

Speaking of size, you can find many urban planters available including small, medium, and large in square, rectangular, tapered, round, and other shapes. Some plants don’t require much space in order to thrive and grow while others need plenty of depth to grow their roots and achieve their full growth potential. 

Therefore you must first decide what kind of plant you want to grow, consider its unique properties and choose the appropriate planter size. Ultimately the shape you choose can add a different feel and dimension to your place. For instance, the hard lines and symmetry of the square-shaped modern planter can add a modern edge to your home interior.

Choice of Material

self-watering planters in garden

Some of the most common materials used for making these planters are wood, plastic, terracotta, fibreglass, and metal. Moreover, you can pick materials such as aluminium, fibreglass, or recyclable plastic that have a good reputation for withstanding different weather conditions.  For instance, fibreglass planters are constructed using a mould and flexible fibre sheets covered in resin. They are lightweight, durable, and high-quality, offering low-maintenance solutions for landscaping projects and designs.


These types of planters are super versatile, which means you can use them both for indoors and outdoors usage. Their unique modern look can perfectly blend with the surroundings and add to the beauty of the place. They require very little maintenance of your side, which is one of the reasons many people like them.

This feature can be especially useful if you work long hours or when going on a vacation trip, as you won’t have to worry about your plant dying due to an insufficient supply of water and care. The semi-contained water cycle allows them to go several days without water even during the hot summer months. Having mentioned all these advantages, self-watering pots offer convenience, water efficiency, and improved plants health.