Home Décor Tips & Ideas to Inspire Your Next Makeover

By Maria Rogerson

March 29, 2021Home & Decor

Scandinavian interior design

Source: dmarge.com

Even though we might have loved the initial look of our home, as the years pass, as homeowners we often find ourselves desperately wanting to change something in the interior décor. No matter if we plan to replace just several details or redo some areas, more often than not we end up doing an entire makeover.

There are many ways that you can decorate your home, like with Scandinavian home décor, Bohemian style, traditional design, modern, etc. You don’t have to stick to one style, you can incorporate elements from various décor styles and make your home a unique experience for anyone that visits it. Plus, there are certain elements that work well with any style. So, if you’re wondering where to start, here are our tips!

Enhance Your Space with Abstract Art Posters

Abstract art poster in living space

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Using posters to infuse a room with style is becoming pretty popular. The reason for this lies in the versatile nature of posters and the fact that they can be a relatively inexpensive solution for redecoration. Posters, the quality ones, are printed on art paper using giclee which is a printing technique that creates durable prints with vivid colours and textures. Shatter-resistant acrylic can be used as a finish to protect the poster.

But Why Abstract Art?

Abstract art doesn’t just give you a meaning that you need to accept the way it’s presented. It gives you an opportunity to see the artwork and interpret it your own way. One single abstract art piece can evoke different emotions and have a different meaning for different people. Its forms are often unspecified so it relies on our imagination for interpretation. So, it certainly makes for a great conversation starter. All of this should be enough to convince you to choose abstract art posters for your home.

Add Colour or Complement the Room with Abstract Posters

Deciding to use an abstract poster for your room opens the way for endless possibilities. If you want to add a piece that will be the highlight of the room, an abstract art poster is the way to go. If the rest of the room is in neutral tones, colourful artwork is a good choice for decorating an empty wall.

If you want to complement the room with abstract posters, just choose a piece that will have the colours that are already present in other items in the room. You can match it with the cushions, curtains, or other decorative pieces.

If colours aren’t your thing, just go with black and white abstract posters or others in more neutral colours that will add a visual element to the room but won’t stand out as much.

Size and Arrangement

The size of your abstract art posters depends on the size of the room and of the other elements in the room. If you want to make the poster a focal point in the room, choose a bigger poster that will occupy almost the entire wall and don’t put many other pieces of furniture in front of it. You don’t want to make it look cluttered.

You could incorporate abstract posters in a gallery wall that’ll consist of as many art pieces as you want or as many as the wall allows. You can choose one abstract work and buy several prints in different sizes or you could combine different abstract posters. Arrange them in line on the wall or go for an asymmetrical pattern.

Decorate with Mirrors for a Surprising Effect

Antique mirror in home

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

We’re used to thinking of mirrors as nothing more but to check our makeup or clothes before going out. What we don’t realise is the power that mirrors have when it comes to home décor.

If you have some antique mirrors lying somewhere in the basement, take them out, carefully clean their frames because you don’t want to do any damage, and display them as they deserve. If you’re going for a more contemporary vibe, pick simple frames in gold or black that’ll add simplicity and elegance. Mirrors with natural weaved frames are widely popular because of their ability to blend in perfectly with multiple home décor styles.

You could use a mirror to reflect more natural light in the room by placing it opposite a window. By hanging a huge mirror on the wall, the room will look bigger because mirrors give the illusion of larger space. You can put up a mirror instead of a painting and it would look good anywhere. Take more mirrors and make a small gallery on the wall or mix mirrors with prints.

Bring Plants in to Enliven Any Room

Plants in home decor

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Plants are known for their ability to improve air quality and certain plants are really beneficial for our health. Why not combine their power and appealing look to freshen up the room?

Take bigger plants and place them next to the sofa, chair, or in the corner, or pop a gorgeous tropical plant on a chair or plant stand to emphasise its beauty. Smaller plants can be placed anywhere in the house and they’ll adorn every side table and shelf.

Besides the plant itself, planters are essential and play a huge role in the décor game. If you don’t have floor space, you can buy wall planters that are attached to the wall like a shelf, or you can opt for hanging planters and beautiful macramé plant hangers. Use more tiny geometric pots with small plants that just look so cute or a larger pot for sculptural dimension.

Make a plant corner by using a bench or cart and arranging different plants on them. You can add more layers if you have more plants but not any space where to put them.

Use the Space Wisely by Installing Shelves

Shelves with interesting designs

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Shelves come in so many designs that make it impossible to choose. You might want to consider the space first and the overall style of the room so you know what to look for.

  • Shelves can be fixed-bracket which have a bracket underneath for support;
  • They can be floating that have hidden internal brackets;
  • They can be hanging from the ceiling where they’re attached with rope or some other kind of material;
  • And they can be installed in a corner and maximise that unused space.

If you choose shelves with interesting designs, this can be enough to decorate an empty wall. They can be found in all kinds of shapes and natural materials like wood or metal, glass, and plastic.

They can be decorated with anything from plants to frames with personal photographs. If you don’t like the idea of displaying personal photos, smaller prints are always a good idea. Place a few of your favourite books or travel souvenirs on the shelves and add a personal touch to the room.