Our Tips for Decorating Your Home the Scandinavian Way

By Maria Rogerson

April 17, 2018Home & Decor


I can’t think of another interior style that floods the feeds of Instagram and Pinterest quite like the simplistic yet elegant Scandinavian. And I totally understand why so many people are inspired by it when it comes to home decoration. The timeless, structural Scandinavian décor is simple without being boring, hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing, neutral yet warm, or in other words – everything you ever wished for! And now that the colder months are ahead of us, Scandinavian décor is gaining even greater popularity. So, if you want to get through winter with style, here’s how to decorate your home the Scandinavian way.

Create Contemporary Gallery Walls


It’s true that Scandinavian interiors have a special bond with all things white – from walls and furniture, to curtains and small accessories. But that doesn’t mean home decoration should be monotone. In fact, it’s this neutral backdrop that makes gallery walls look especially good in Scandinavian interiors. Whether it’s art prints, photography, or paintings, be free to incorporate contemporary art – and a lot of it. Mixing bold artwork with a neutral design can work beautifully – just keep the rest of the room nice and simple for a better effect.

Play With Textures


When it comes to Scandinavian design, it’s best to stick to a muted palette of white, cream, grey, and brown. However, if you can’t play with hues that doesn’t mean you can’t play with textures. Incorporating a variety of textures can be as fun as incorporating colour. From cowhide rugs, to chunky knit blankets, fuzzy poufs and textiles on the couch – there are plenty of ways to keep things texturally interesting. The layers of cosy textures can help prevent the space from feeling cold.

Make a Statement with Lighting


Originating form a region with less than seven hours of daylight in winter months, Scandinavian design puts great focus on lighting. And unlike Scandinavian furniture that is clean and simple, Scandinavian lighting fixtures can go large and bold – which is what makes them such stunning home decoration pieces. Living rooms and dining rooms usually centre around large metallic pendants or chandeliers with a modern-industrial flair. Fairy lights or candles scattered around the bedroom can help capture that cosy hygge vibe.

Bring the Outdoors In


While incorporating some well-chosen plants is important for every home, Scandinavian interiors have a special bond with greenery. As a style that frowns upon too much colour, plants can bring in just the right amount of pep. A little bit of texture, art, and a touch of nature can go a long way in adding interest to the space. Consider a small bonsai tree or a cute cactus as coffee table décor, a rubber plant tree tucked in the corner of your living room, and a gorgeous flower arrangement as a dining table centrepiece. There are many options on disposal for putting your green thumb to good use.